Larry Horse as “Doc Mengele”

Jul 21, 2011
Adult Business News
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Its worse than I thought. Sieg Heil

Who eats worse, Boner or Spiegler? We can infer that both dont eat pussy.

Happy Birthday shout out to the man who predicted that scum like Kike3X would take over the world unless they were stopped. A good Aryan lad like Kike3X infected with the Jew disease of greed and the American disease of tolerance of homosexuality and transgendership. Kikey’s parents failed in their Aryan duties as parents, including their son Jason, who even though he’s with a Japanese girl(as close as slopes can be to Aryans), failed to mate with an Aryan girl and now he has half Aryan but future gay progeny with a fake jew fag Uncle. Sieg Heil baby.

We even sure these guys are blood brothers? I think C3FAG was adopted. Monica was adopted too.

I worked for years to make a race of supermen like Christian and he does this to me and the Fuhrer, sucks cock and fucks trannies. We made him to procreate and make beautiful and strong Nordic children, instead his “parents” make him a fag who bangs men in the butt and has intercourse with disease ridden whores and works for an English Pimp in a business dominated by Jews. I even think he may now be a religious Jew, even Ron Jeremy is less a Jew, we believe Ron is half nigger cause of his penis and sloth, just like Monica Foster, product of a fag father and educated black mother, her mother is probably a crypto-Jew. We want Christian to breed with Puma Swede but its not to be, she is in the hands of that closeted English Jew Kieran Lee. All my dreams crushed. And this rodent Spiegler too helping to deflower good Aryan women.

Gilbert’s jokes got him fired from Aflac, what bullshit. The mafia that is destroying porn is going after people like Gilbert, he’ll probably be de-Jewed. That’s okay with me, cause then someone can be Jewed up like the next non-Jew crossover C3FAG uses in his reign of fag terror along with his boss Eddie Arenas. Is Stoney Curtis a fag lover since he uses Chrissy and Talon and other crossover fags or is he stuck with the talent he has access to and you know a man has to eat and in Stoney’s case needs talent to toss a mean salad.

Did the biggest fake kike in porn, Luke Ford, convert to Judaism to be a porn big shot? I bet he did and it didnt work since Kikes dont like converts unless they have big money to bring to the table or will serve their plan for porn domination like Kike3X and Derek Kike. Monica should try to convert, just like Sammy Davis Jr and see if the Gay Kike Mafia will help her. Luke should become born again and join Shelley, at least she will make sure he gets a hot meal and some new clothes.

Arabs? Armenians? Christy Canyon is the only porn Armenian I know. As for super race, Donny’s lucky, he has strong Aryan blood despite his Hispanic background, a lot of people who look Spanish are actually crypto Jews and Niggars. The Moors and the Jews got to Spain and spread their devil seed across Iberia. Raylene is probably of that background, I bet Rocco Reed’s ancestors were nigrahs who got to Italy. Kike3X is just an Aryan gone Jew, sad, I did a lot of work to prevent that, never cured the fag gene.

Trannyfucker’s jaw is made of glass, hit him once in his faggy face and he’ll go down like he was at a Tranny Blow Bang, probably fights like Rocky Balboa anyway which means Rosano will probably crack some of Chrissy’s ribs. My idea, give him a foot right above the knee cap and as he collapses in pain break his jaw with a good right cross, Steele could beat him with that strategy and without his Krav Maga crap.

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12 years ago

PWL = bad, I know, but this is FN funny:

“even Ron Jeremy is less a Jew, we believe Ron is half nigger cause of his penis and sloth,”

12 years ago

This guy needs some medication, stat! Repeat after me PWL scum: there is no Jewish conspiracy. Also, there is no gay mafia. PWL scum, bow down to Mark Spiegler and Monica Foster, they will own your ass when this is all done. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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