Metro Talents John Forbush Pretends To Be Blogger Steve Fedori

Jul 3, 2016
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This guy defines stupid.  First the guy tries to fake his death, then he tries to steal money in the name of a a dead person, and now he’s pretending to be a blogger named Steve Fedori and asking for ad money. Im not gonna repost the tweets of him asking for ad money but below is Forbush DMing me as the Dirty Gulp…


When I posted that Kenny Brandon had passed, John left this message in the comment section of TRPWL



Today, Steve Fedori err John Forbush left 2 posts on my site under the story

The first one was basically the same as the rapist one, talking about how great Mike South is and how I don’t take care of my kids lol.  I figured Id change it to something more fitting for a guy who’s under investigation for a laundry list of crimes..



Apparently, the guy who lies about who he is and failed at faking his own death claims im not as credible as Mike South…LOL

John, when you pretend to be someone else, at least use a proxy…

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