Leilani Leeane- Drivebys And Cat Crimes

Feb 29, 2012
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One of the newest Spiegler Girls, Future felon, Journey lover and overall hottie..One of the most in depth interviews ever, i will blow you mind ….

1. You were doing porn before you signed with Spiegler Girls. What made you choose Mark as a agent?

well he was actually recommended to me, and i really wanted more than what i was getting so i knew from what people were saying Spiegler would be the best.

2. How have things changed since signing with Spiegler?

i cant really say how much things has changed because i was only with David Cruz for a short period of time but, with Mark it has been incredible… i feel like im definitely living the dream ive always wanted.

3. In the last 30 days whose vaginas have you licked? Which one tasted best?

in the last 30 days i dont think ive licked anyones vagina except Asa’s so that was the best lol!

4. Whats something you look forward to doing on camera?

ive pretty much done just about everything except DA & DV.. those are things id like to tart off doing off camera to see if i enjoy it before i jump on film doing.. but i reallllllyyyyy want Nacho & Manuel to DP me.

5. What do the parents say about your chosen profession?

My parents actually dont say anything about it. they both know my mom is a little more uncomfortable about the situation it seems but, my dad always asks me questions about work all the time. its pretty sweet

6. I heard it thru the grapevine you’ve been tied to a plot to steal someones cat. You care to comment?

HAHA.. its a secret right?! someones kitty is fershure going missing

7. What was your impression of AVN? This was your first year correct?

yes, this was my first year. I mean i didn’t expect much since Ive already heard the gossip about how much smaller it was going to be & less cool.. so i pretty much didn’t get my hopes up..lol. it was worth the experience & i met alot of cool people

8.You going to Exxxotica Miami or Chicago this year?

i didn’t plan to but, it would be cool to get away from la for awhile soo maybe ill go to the Miami one.

9. When will your website be up ?

OMG.. i need to start shooting content first but, hopefully in October

10. Before you got into porn, did you have a favorite porn talent ? if so who?

i didn’t actually watch porn prior to doing it, i think Ive seen like literally a handful and i was always into Jessica Drake.. lol!

11. Whats the biggest turn on for you when it comes to doing adult work?

the biggest turn on for me is the attention.. i get into it more when i have an audience

12. Whats easier, stripping or fucking on film?

well Ive never stripped before lol so id say fucking on film, i think now i have more of the confidence to strip

13. Any aspirations of getting behind the camera?

I do want to direct at some point, i have alot of creative ideas that i want to get out there but right now ill eat up being in front of it

14. Given your profession and age, do you prefer to date men your age or older?

ive always been a fan of the older guys.. i feel like for the most part they are more established & are pretty much done with the whole “player” aspect of their lives

15. Whats your favorite country song?
currently its “Kiss my country ass” by Blake Shelton
(sadly the only right answer to this question is- i hate country music)

16. Have you had to shoot with a condom yet? What are your thoughts on the condom issue?

haha, omg no & thank god! i seriously hate condoms & i honestly don’t have a strong enough opinion to comment on the condom law but, i just know im allergic to latex sooo there better be a variety LOL

17. Do you think the porn industry will leave LA?
god i hope so.. lol. i hate la! i just wouldnt be down to move to any outrageous place

18. Now that your tax bracket has changed do you have any cool trips planned?

no cool trips planned.. not yet at least! some im in la not taking off any time if i don’t need it. although itd be pretty sweet to go to Europe

19. When you were a little girl, did you ever want to be a dinosaur? Maybe chase the neighborhood cats?

neighborhood cats? lol no, when i was a little kid i thought i was a boy! all the guys were taking off their shirts to get in the pool & so i thought i was the right thing to do so i took mine off as well.. phew did i get in trouble

20. Let me hear the ” Porn Goals”
No set goals.. im just here giving it everything & hoping i stay for awhile ..

21. Please type your bank account number, routing number, ss# and zip code below..
okay my bank account# 697322800 hahahaha .. kidding

22. If you ever decided to do a drive by shooting what song would you play?
oh god.. i have to play like the coolest song ever.. maybe “dont stop believing” by Journey that would be epic


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Filipino Dan
Filipino Dan
11 years ago

I got a photo with this girl when I was at AVN promoting my company.

Absolutely beautiful girl.

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