LOL –> “The FSC Was Behind The Breakup of LATATA” Says Random Blogger

Apr 9, 2015
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Man the shit runs deep in Georgia. Imagine you get to the point in your life as a blogger where your sources are Shy Love and Derrek Hay. In between them tag teaming you, you’re forced to prop up Monica Foster and Shelley Lubben. Imagine calling yourself pro-porn but you tear down everything about it, and you’re on the mailing list of AHF and Isadore Hall – the guys bent on destroying the adult business.

In today’s episode of ‘lets make up a lie cuz traffic sucks’, this random blogger wrote a story about LATATA and FSC titled:

The FSC Was Behind The Breakup of LATATA

LOL. First, LATATA didn’t break up. Shy Love, an unlicensed agent in California, operating out of Vegas, who should’ve never even been a legit member of LATATA; Derek Hay; and LAX left. There are seven current members and three more who are trying to get in. Not sure how that’s a break up. A break up would be NO MORE LATATA.

I asked Mark Spiegler if LATATA was done?  His answer was “Nope”.

The blogger goes on to say that Free Speech Coalition CEO Diane Duke was present at and ran the most recent LATATA meeting:

“Guess who led the meeting?”

“If you guessed Diane Duke you got it right.”

I asked two agents if Diane was there; both said yes. Why was she there? Diane Duke came by to discuss the new AHF condom mandate. The same stuff that this random blogger never says a word about, and has said publicly that condoms in porn would be good for him. Remember, this is the guy who uses an oral swab to test his talent, vouches for male talent, and shoots during moratoriums.

Idiotic reason to stop by an agent meeting, right? Duke came by, and then she left.

Even better, another agent told me

“She had met with us before on previous occasions. But, I guess when Derek and Shy were part of the organization it meant Diane was not running it. Lol”

Shy and Hay left LATATA because they couldn’t control people. They wanted to get rid of ATMLA’s Mark Schechter, but when the others stood up for him, like little kids they took their ball and went home.

LOL --> "The FSC Was Behind The Breakup of LATATA" Random Blogger

The new LATATA site will be up shortly. Weird that a group who broke up would even waste time and energy on things like meetings, dues and websites…..




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Deep Throat
Deep Throat
7 years ago

It’s funny how, according to this imbecile, FSC is always a bunch of incompetent do-nothings and failures UNTIL he needs to blame them for a massive conspiracy and power play. This moron also claims that “electing [Schechter] to the FSC board was an effort to undermine LATATA.” No, you hillbilly cretin, FSC members, industry-wide — producers, performers, webmasters, etc — voted him onto the board to represent their interests. Not to mention, the whole point was for Schechter to be a bridge between the two groups, in order to (hopefully) create a kind of detente. LATATA members knew he was… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Deep Throat

I 95% Reckon that if Shy signed on for a Cousin Fucker Bukkake, w/ the semi tested mopes pulled from streetwalker site, South wouldn’t even have her tested for Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
7 years ago
Reply to  Deep Throat

You make some damn fine points there. Especially about Ol’ South constantly going on about FSC being run by idiots at the same time plotting out some machiavellian scheme to take over the industry. But, he has to try some way to make them the bad guys and please his masters. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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