Mackenzee Pierce Calls It Quits?

Jan 14, 2012
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Not sure how long it will last or the status of her websites update wise. But this was posted by her on ADT earlier today..

these are her posts, so dont email me about

to answer ALL your opions and questions about the anal/dp and retirment… i really only care to shoot eh once every couple of months… it does keep some money in the bank not in the pocket, i have started a new job, also still working on a job i cant really discuss bc i was asked no to by the company…. it all comes down to $$$ i was offered GREAT FUCKIN $$$ for both the anal scene and the dp live scene…. so there ya have it. as for gang bang i’ll just outright yet again…. i have absolutly not one intrest of doing it even for a whopping amount of cash so lets just nix that idea….

glad u all liked the live show, i had such a fun time with it. i agreed to it before dp was offered bc it sounded fun…. when dp was thrown in i said sure for x amount of $$$ and brazzers had not one problem forking it over for me or any other girls there that got paid more than i did…. so there it is. i start school again soon and i wanted to lessen my student loans can one blame me for taking a couple really highly paid shoots for a company who treats their girls like gold??

well mid sept i am headed to la doing a couple shoots, it started out as a trip out there to see a guy im dating and go to concerts… and then i was offered some work so it became a 2 week trip which is awesome for me… i dont know a if i have a for sure date of when i will absolutly be done shooting… but you will know when i decide

From Early This Morning
sorry but its true i am officially retired forever… i am newly engaged and my porn career has come to an end literally forever… i had great times doing what i did…. and will never regret it. im glad i got to do so many awesome scenes, met awesome people and really learned alot of my-self. for all of u porn fans out there look at the bright side… i never became a druggie or alcoholic, never withered away to skin and bones, stayed true to my my-self and gave u all great spank bank material, im just moving on. im incredibly happy, and very grateful to the adventures that came my way and actually the life long friends i made through porn…. wish me the best i am ready to take my life on in a new chapter… over and out

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a chick
a chick
11 years ago

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