Manwin Reacts To Shy Love By Changing The Game

Jun 12, 2012
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LUXEMBOURG—Manwin has decided to set new best practices regulations for all performers and third party producers hired to create content for its websites.

In its proposal, Manwin supports the system put in place by the APHSS, while also moving beyond the standard industry practice of 30-day interval testing.

The APHSS has set forward a best practices guideline and system that allows performers, producers, and agents to create a controlled work environment.

It includes consistent standards and guidelines for testing and treatment of adult performers, a secure database that ensures performer privacy and protects producer liability, protocol for performer support in the event of a positive HIV test result – including testing of 1st and 2nd generation partners—as well as health and safety resources provided for producers and performers.

Following months of research, and meetings with various doctors and medical experts from the most respected universities and health institutions in North America, Manwin has decided to implement additional rules for anyone involved in producing content for its sites.

The company will require FDA-approved tests from the clinics listed on the website, specifically the HIV-1 Aptima RNA Qualitive Assay. In addition, the company will require 15-day interval testing for performers.

As of July 1, 2012, adult entertainers performing in scenes commissioned for websites belonging to Manwin will have to provide health tests that are no older than 15 days. Manwin will pay for all additional tests needed under these new rules, in case a performer works for any of the company’s brands multiple times in a 30-day period.

Manwin expects producers, performers and agents to be in full compliance with these new regulations, and looks forward to working with the FSC in setting the highest possible standards for the industry.


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Anthony Kennerson
Anthony Kennerson
11 years ago

So, refresh me on this, Sean or Michael…what was Shy Love’s original beef with the APHSS standards?? That other companies (read, Talent Testing Services) weren’t involved?? That Manwin/Brazzers were setting the standards?? And, is this a byproduct of the former attempts by Nica Noelle and January Seraph to form a spinoff adult performers group against the FSC/APHSS??

Just what is needed while AHF and CalOSHA continue their push to bust the industry with the condom mandate. NOT.


11 years ago

I think Shy is cute and fuckable but think she should leave the setting of testing standards to those that are actually in the industry and affected by them i.e. producers and performers. Shy hasn’t performed in a porno in years now, her agent site even states that she limits her appearances to store signings. I also have a concern that Manwin’s 15 day rule will backfire on them. Every time you have a venipuncture (where the needle is placed in a vein for IV/blood test) you scar that vein and eventually with enough pokes the vein collapses and is… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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