Mika Tan Talks Horse Cum and Cameron Bay

Oct 1, 2013
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Last year I posted a horse blowing investigative piece titled Did Mika Tan Jack Off A Horse? .. Last week, out of the blue she commented on the story:

Mika Tan and the horse

Mika Tan and the horse

After reading this animal love story I decided to follow Mika Tan on twitter, However I wasn’t able to because im blocked..Why would Mika block Sean but come to Sean’s site and comment? She must have terrible secrets..

Mika 1

Mika 2

Mika 3

Mika 4

Mika 5

Up until the last tweet, Mika was on a roll. Here’s a name in the world of adult not afraid to call it like it is. While Ross and LIB try and blame someone who’s tested clean, Mika uses common sense. This whole HIV shutdown was caused by messy and unsafe behavior outside of a porn studio.

Mika Tan

Mika Tan

I hate to say it, but I think some of you, bloggers included, wanted this whole thing to be a on-set transmission and are truly upset it’s not. You will lie, manufacture sources, and do whatever humanly possible to lay the blame on FSC/PASS and the powers that be.

Newsflash hotshots: because of PASS/APHSS, the adult business had an “Arizona Boyfriend, Girlfriend other Woman” HIV outbreak instead of an “On-Set” HIV outbreak…

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10 years ago

Mika blocked you. There’s a shocker.

10 years ago

No HIV transmission from horses and dogs. LA porn should just go condom free beastie.

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