Mike Quasar’s Go Fund Me Defeats Mike South’s In Less Than 24 Hours

Mar 2, 2017
Adult Business News
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Not sure if any of you remember, but there was once an idiot with a blog named Mike South…he spent his days making up lies about people and quoting fake high level sources that only existed in the dementia laden head of Mike South.. When Mike South made up stories about someone with money to spare, he was quickly sued and his website taken away from him.

Now, Im not gonna go into all the great things that happened during the lawsuit, one thing I will bring up is Mike South, the guy who proclaimed that everyone loved him, the guy who said he got Christmas cards from the 4 of the top 5 guys in porn, the guy who publicly stated he could round up 2oo-3oo performers to attend an Osha meeting, launched a legal defense GoFundMe. He raised exactly 213.00 bucks..LOL

Flash forward to yesterday, Hall Of Fame Director and El Pollo Loco fan Mike Quasar, once a South target, launched a Go Fund Me:

In 22 hours, the inventor of interracial cheerleader sex raised an impressive $220.00:

What does it all mean you ask?

Well, for one, it means Quasar probably has a bigger penis than South, it also means Quasar probably doesn’t piss in cups and leave it around the office.

People you have 2 choices, sure you could send your money to some 3rd world country where it will most likely get used to grow poppy which will be turned in cocaine, smuggled into the country by some Latins, given to several races to be sold on street corners where it will eventually wind up killing your favorite agent or some random internet radio host\publicist, or you could give graciously to Mike South ass kicker Mike Quasar..





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Love IR
Love IR
6 years ago

“Inventer of interracial cheerleader porn”

The greatest line ever 🙂

6 years ago

tell me when he raises more than Mick Blue’s race car

6 years ago

about “cocaine” and “3rd world country” well…
if people from 1st world country don’t buy it…
you can *graciously” give your money.

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