Mike South Still Can’t Get It Right- Day 5,475

Jan 12, 2016
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Every few years tards align and create a retarded Tard Force. Some would say the force isn’t strong, while others would say the Tard Force is down right retarded. The other day I was confessing all my sins to Rabbi Hortense Jackson. While eating bacon cheeseburgers, she asked me if Mike South was still alive?  I said yea, on life support but still around. We both chuckled and then talked about how cool Chuck Norris was. What the rabbi didn’t know was that I had pulled a fast one over on Mike South, and had been worried he refused the bait.

Of course know we all know the story of accused extorter<– (real word) John Forbush. I had written an original ground breaking piece a month ago. In an effort to quiet the random attacks on talent, I made a deal with John to remove said article. After Forbush filed the fake shooting report he reached out to me and when I refused to write it, he went to the one GUY who will write anything without verification, Mike South. Mike, knowing that I knew threw up a hastily written non award winning shitty post, much like the Bukakke porn he shoots, it lacked quality, as well as attractiveness. After he ran that post, there was pressure for me to respond. But, like a fine bottle of Gatorade G2, I knew I needed more from South and Forbush. I needed a record of what happened. You can’t refute anything if you don’t have the text to get off of. I needed to bait both John and South into writing more, and I needed them to do it fast.


Then this:


After that, I called 2 people and said watch. LOL.

Soon there after South wrote another ridiculous story. It was that simple. South has always been the guy who if he can’t break it, he either makes up some retarded new angle or completely ignores the story. Back in 2013, when Daily and Bay were passing around HIV, we made a decision to talk about patient 4. No names or identifying details, but just enough to keep Mike from writing about how the FSC, Kink and Barry Bonds covered up HIV infected talent in an attempt to keep CalOsha from canceling their season tickets to Giants games, which puts money in Manwin’s pockets, because after all, South’s sources told him Manwin secretly owns the San Francisco Giants.

If one was to audit TRPWL, they would be able to see how we can control Mike South. If it’s a really good breaking story, we can send Mike in some weird direction that no one cares about. He does this for no other reason then to have people think he somehow found some smoking gun somewhere and he’s still in the know. We’ve been able to make him completely ignore shit because he cant find an “exclusive” in. Stories picked up by mainstream and South sits there with his finger in his ass because his mind can’t spin a believable lie to run.

Which bring us to yesterday…..

Mike South, who had previously reported the Forbush story was dead, decided to write another story, this time making his usual blogger threats, telling people they should of kept their mouths shut, and that this is for their own good. LOL.  What Mike is really mad about is, the last 3 sources he had have jumped ship. But my favorite part of his latest post is this line

even morons like Shawn Thompson are calling me and warning me


What? Yo= Mike South be careful? Yo= a warning to Mike South? Does YO also mean there’s trouble at the Old Mill? Maybe Yo means Timmy fell down into an abandoned mine? It could be Yo is some secret NASA word Mike learned when he blew up an astronaut ” Yo Mike South don’t press that-” KABOOM.  Is it possible Yo also means Tony Romo is a sure 1st rd fantasy pick next season? This really clears up a lot.

From Mikes personal diary:

March 3rd 2015, I received a text message, all it said was YO. The text came from a LA area code. Hmm, Yo backwards is OY, WTF? OMG, If a girl wants to win an award she has to bang Peter Warren. Quick, to my WordPress.

July 4th 2015, Last night while vouching for male talent and collecting money for Bukkake shoots, I got a text that said “YO” Hmmm, Yo spelled backwards is OY. WTF? OMG Kink is infected lesbians with HIV by way of putting HIV pills in the lesbians Sunny D, I must warn all the lesbians, quick to my WordPress.

September 19th, While eating BBQ with Rick Madrid, I go this text “YO” Hmm, Yo spelled backwards is OY. OMG Manwin killed Kenny, those bastards. Quick, to my WordPress.

Ahhh poor Mike, he ain’t got no sources anymore…..And yes, ain’t got no is correct English, its latin for YO.





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Jewish Guy #5
Jewish Guy #5
7 years ago

I done reckon Mike South is a big dummy.

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