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Monica Foster: A Stalker Who Hates Kids and Porn Stars

December 4, 2011 8:21 pm

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What would the week be like without everyone’s favorite nut-job drinking too much and going off on twitter? Normally, I look forward to the retard’s ramblings, but yesterday she took it too far. Monica decided to pray to whatever god she worships for my son to die…

This is going too far. I figured last week when she said cancer victims should shut up and die that maybe she would learn her lesson and keep her mouth shut.

She was ridiculed and lost followers due to her rants. This nutjob prays on her twitter everyday for people to die and or get Aids and Cancer.

So here’s this fucking nut job with NO friends…oh wait! Nica Noelle claims they are buddies, which i find odd since Monica is praying for the WHOLE PORN INDUSTRY to DIE and GO AWAY

I have to wonder if ANYONE really likes Monica. I know her family doesn’t. I even question Nica. When Coco Loco decided to start a petition 3 weeks ago against Evasive Angles and TT-Boy, Nica and her crew didnt sign it. Even after Foster said on Twitter if her friends didn’t sign it she was never talking to them

I’ve seen every person who’s signed this, and out of those 64 people 11 of them are calling Monica names. None of the signees are Nica’s crew. Not once did Nica retweet the petition. Why? No one cares about or likes Monica Foster. The retard who wishes death on kids.

Even better, here is Monica Foster, with over 8000 followers but she can’t get 100 people to sign her petition. Why? She’s a joke, a train-wreck and everyone followers her not cause they like or care about her, they follow cause it;s fun to laugh at her.

My favorite thing is, she accuses me of stalking her, her IP

She logs into my site every single day. Even my stories – look at my times posted, then watch her site. She’s the stalker. Half the time I ignore her. It’s the people around me who reach out, “Hey Sean go look at Coco Locos twitter, shes having a nervous breakdown.” Yes, she’s a joke. Everyone knows it and everyone loves it. I love it. I love to watch her melt down after a box of wine. It’s freaking hilarious. With that being said, wishing death on anyone, especially my kid is where it becomes real to me and gets dealt with in a whole other way…


  1. Stalking and wishing death on children. Very Christian-like.
    Sounds like the group she hangs with. I’m sure that this isn’t being taken sitting down.
    Like the fake thugs and back channel twitter tough guys/bloggers out there—why aren’t you defending your girl Monica, Neal?

  2. wth prays on twitter to begin with? that’s kinda weird in itself, isn’t it? that aside, this reminds of watching a homicide show. quite often someone will say, ‘this is overkill.’ this is not someone who is just pissed off, like we all get from time to time. this is someone who is so filled with misplaced rage, it is consuming them.

  3. Someone put a 5150 hold on Monica, please. She may only be wishing harm on people now but mental illness can get much worse untreated. She has to be delusional if she thinks everyone at FSC can somehow come down with AIDS in a year’s time! Wishing that Sean’s son dies and publishing it is way beyond ridiculous. Sean’s son has nothing to do with this and until this was published probably didn’t even know who Monica Foster was (now that there is a possible death wish/threat involved he will probably have to be told about it unfortunately in order for him to protect himself).

    Michael Whiteacre’s video had an interview segment from a longtime porn director that said that she had only run into two mentally ill talent in 25 years of making porn (IIRC that was how long she has directed in porn). Let’s now make that three with Monica.

  4. Poor girl. It is sad that twitter is the friend she turns to, to share her feelings with. If there was someone that she trusted, they could talk with her and help temper some of this. Unfortunately it seems that her only confidant comes in a cardboard box with a spigot on it.

  5. she can always talk to her bird. Both of them are working with the same size brain….

    • the only people worse than crazy cat ladies are crazy bird ladies.

  6. @crunkleschwitz – I’ve heard that case made before — all she needs is a supportive friend.

    I must disagree. She betrays and shits on her friends. She doesn’t deserve a loyal friend, and she doesn’t know how to treat one. She requires mental / psychological care, and, likely, treatment for alcoholism.

    @mharris127 – Oh yes, has Ms Touchstone encountered CocoLoco, the latter would have definitely made the top three.

  7. Oh no, Mr. Whiteacre, I understand she is incapable of making a lasting friendship. That is why she needs a therapist. She would be paying that person for trust, and would be able to open up to them and they are bound by law to keep quiet about what she says. And she would have all the power in the relationship, because she could take her money, and that fine black ass, down the street to another therapist when she gets pissed off at the first one. And on and on, but by the 5th one, she might be able to piece enough together to realize the right path to be on.

    It is a long process, and there is no magic pills.

  8. no one wants to sign her petition because it is a stupid idea. only stupid people want their name attached to stupid ideas.

  9. The biggest stalkers out there, Nica N and Tara.

    • Tara Akinlose is a liar & a hypocrite. SHe is one of the biggest stalkers on the internet.

  10. You really can’t comprehend just how big of a scumbag I am, Like Nica im 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag!

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