More Stupidity From The ‘Entertainment Adult Union’

Mar 7, 2016
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Last week, Mike South declared the new Union a Success. Why? Well because they allegedly fixed all the grammatical errors on the site.  Using that same South declaration we can declare his site a complete failure as his spelling and grammar is worse then mine.. So bad in fact he spelled his own name wrong last month.  Now im not here to talk bad about Mr. South mostly because in between BBQ and Anal, his reader Rick Madrid may start trolling me..

Im here to give you a little more insight into the new union..Using my top secret browser some call Mozilla, I perused the freely hosted site and found so really cool things.

A banding together of performers that creates a type of screening process before “anybody” can work in mainstream adult.

Hmm, it appears the new union wants to control who can and cant be in the adult industry. Im guessing they want a performer to fill out some sort of application then the union votes on letting them in? LOL Seems totally fair, if there’s one thing Ive learned over the last 5 years, its porn performers never let personal grudges get in the way of business.

Exercise a ethical code of conduct (use of drugs and alcohol)

Maybe Im reading this wrong, but it appears Union members aren’t allowed to drink or do drugs..Does this cover prescription weed? Will union members be forced to take random drug tests? Will performers have to show the script to “Union Leaders” for approval? How will it work? Will Riley Reid be fast asleep and suddenly a Union rep kicks in her door and forces her to pee in a cup while screaming wheres the mary jane? Will this rule void Layla Price’s endorsement of weed strains?

This same stupid rule appears on the section for club owners. Are club owners and dancers prohibited from drinking?

Disrespecting and Bad mouthing fellow Union Members in any way is strictly forbidden and enforced!

Union members aren’t allowed to talk bad about other union members..Im pretty sure even Jimmy Hoffa didn’t try and enforce this one..Maybe this rule is in place to keep members from speaking out about how ridiculous these rules are.

I like this one: —> “This is not a gimmick to get money out of you” —> Dues Due every 4th quarter


LOL No gimmicks here. Plus you have to do some charity work. For who? Will it be another failed Phyllisha Anne scheme? Maybe a film festival? Most legit charities refuse to take money from anything adult related.

To stay out of trouble with the law.
LOL Yes, cuz you know, the creator of this union is squeaky clean.. its the old, don’t do what I do, do what I say.

We are also not a bunch of non random people who think we can come in and start making decisions LMAO Yea ok.  They just decided you can’t drink, do drugs, talk bad about anyone and wanna also wanna dictate who can and can’t be a performer, dancer, bar owner or whatever.  Based on the background of the creator of this union, she wouldn’t even be able to be a member of her own union. But yet she wants to throw rocks at others.

Safer work conditions

What, like condoms?

No buying or reselling or advertising any video or material that is non union based..

Yes, a video store can’t sell or rent  Jules Jordan movies unless Jules joins the union.. Are y’all fucking retarded?? You’re basically telling Jules if he doesn’t give you money every month you won’t allow Union member stores to sell his movies..LOL  this isnt 1970 and you’re not Carlo Gambino. Will a union rep stand outside of Dallas Novelty and take all non union approved merchandise from UPS? Hopefully Fed Ex doesn’t stop delivering on time out of fear?  Will it be like that scene in Roadhouse during the liquor delivery?  I can see it now, a new shipment of non union Evil Angel product shows up and Union thugs start breaking DVDs, then the blonde kid from Roadhouse 2 shows up, only because his dad was killed off screen, he then starts roundhouse kicking all the union guys while saying “roadhouse”. But soon he’s overpowered, then POW, a 88 year old Sam Elliot shows up and together the union thugs are defeated, EVIL Angel Porn for all…Um yeap

Adult Star actor / actress will do a “signing” or free promotion material personally for each individual store twice a year with only travel expenses required.

So you expect the 300 or so girls to show up for free signings twice a year at how many stores?  What if you wake up one morning and 100 stores sign up?  While your busy making your mortgage payment with 24 Hour video rental dues, they now want AJ Applegate to do a signing. Only problem is AJ’s not stupid enough to join the union.  They say how about Kissa and your like nope, not a member. You then have to pull the old bait and switch and say we have Phyllisha Anne then ask them if they carry any movies from 2008?   I cant emphasize enough how fucking retarded all this is.  Most of these girls turn down paid signings and you wanna make them do it for free?

Drivers, Handy-Man, Make-up Artist, Hair Dressers, Hair Extensions, Make up artist, etc

Handy man?  LOL  Like will Sadie Santana call the hotline and ask someone to unclog her sink?  Then Xander shows up with his tool?  How will this work. Will we be able to buy it on a Union approved Clips store?

By reconstructing all adult performer contracts to better safe guard the adult film local chapters, to regulate the testing centers for the industry to help with the fight against Aids and other STDS.

Sounds alot like AHF..  Hey Mark, I really wanna be a Spiegler Girl, but im gonna need you to sign this Union contract so i can get to work..  In my Spiegler voice, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE

Last Time I checked testing centers were regulated, very well in fact, and PASS is flawless. Maybe you mean turn over testing data and allow an outside entity like AHF to safeguard and better protect.

Escort Permits

WHAT?  So you can get an escort permitted where?  LOL  Please explain this better.. Did you get escorting legalized after I went to bed last night? And union members that escort violate union rules since its illegal in most states. Will the union say its ok to break the law if you escort but all other laws have to be followed?

and BTW, US laws governing Unions are not the same as International laws. Maybe the union can team up with Interpol so none of the overseas girls talk bad about US girls? Id hate to see an international incident started that bleeds over to AVN.

Have you heard of the R.I.C.O. Act? That applies to the Adult Industry:


(RICO) Act is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

The adult industry is not a criminal industry nor is it a single enterprise.

Really?  After reading some of the Union rules y’all may be in violation of R.I.C.O

This is one of my favs:

There’s no way you can get a bunch of messed up people in one spot:

LOL  doesn’t this violate the bad mouthing union members rule? You basically just called the whole industry messed up people. Contrary to what you might think, there are alot of normal people involved in the industry


The deadline for Officer and Board Member nominations for:

The Adult Actor Chapter and

The Adult Film Crew Chapter

is February 26th,  2016!

Voting begins on March 28th 



Ok, so you basically had one meeting, a meeting that im told maybe 20 people were at? Your video conferencing was a bust but some how you came away with NOMS for the rest of the year..You’re gonna let people join while voting is going on, and there only options will be the 20 people who showed up for the first meeting. What could possible go wrong?

I have a question. How will this union address the November condom initiative? The biggest crisis facing the adult industry in years and its not even mentioned on the Union website. More performers showed up for the OSHA hearing last month then showed for the Union meeting. You would think a entity professing to be about performers would know this.. Unless of course, they’re not opposed to condom measure..

Qualifications for Membership;

c) The National and International Executive Board, as well as, all and any Local Officers has discretion to deny membership to any applicant if his or hers admittance would not be in the best interest of the Union or its members.

yes, we will explore that in depth, including the background of all officers..I think its only fair, if Union officers are gonna be denying people the right to join this most awesome union, we should at least know what kind of people are doing the denying..

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