Explores the Lives of Mormon Sister Missionaries

Jul 8, 2014
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When a Mormon girl goes on a mission, she’s sent far from home and teamed up with another young girl, her companion. They lead very disciplined lives, waking early every day to go door-to-door and find converts for the church. But behind closed doors, these Mormon girls are anything but innocent. The trove of new footage shows them masturbating, fingering each other, eating pussy, and even fucking each other with strap-ons.

Lily Cade (top) at

Lily Cade (top) at

Nothing is sacred once the missionaries’ hormones get the best of them. In the “leaked” videos, the girls strip down to their sacred garments, underwear with ritual meaning that only Mormons are supposed to see, and then grope their breasts and pussies before getting naked and getting off. In one video, the secret Mormon temple ceremonies are revealed—the sisters “wash and anoint” each other before giving in to temptation and having sex inside the House of the Lord.

These missionaries are commanded to spend all of their time together, and it’s no surprise that the intimacy this creates leads the sisters time and again to sex. The large number of videos indicates that this is not just a few rogue sisters, but a widespread problem within the Mormon church.

How the Mormon church will react to the leaked footage is anyone’s guess. Certainly, the individual missionaries, if identified, will be excommunicated. But how will the church protect its public image in the face of these videos of innocent sister missionaries engaging in raunchy sex?

The release of the videos is particularly bad timing for the church, which has suffered recently from negative press surrounding its sexist policies and beliefs, especially the exclusion of women from church leadership. A group of Mormons calling themselves Ordain Women has staged a series of protests this year, and the church has responded by excommunicating the organization’s founder. The disclosure of sister missionaries engaging in explicit sexual activity is sure to rock the faith to its core.


The founder of MormonGirlz (a Mormon lesbian herself) is an enthusiastic supporter of the latest wave of Mormon feminism. Her mission is to document the sexual liberation of Mormon women and acknowledge the desires and fantasies that Mormon women are often too ashamed to admit. She hopes that MormonGirlz (and the affiliated MormonBoyz) will open a public conversation about sexual taboos and restrictions within Mormon culture. MormonGirlz hopes that images and videos of Mormon girls enjoying various kinds of sex will break some of these taboos and model a healthier attitude toward pleasure. MormonGirlz is on a mission to “perfect the saints”—and to get them off, too.

And non-Mormons who fetishize innocent young Mormon girls will find more than just porn on the site (though they’ll find plenty of that)—they’ll also enter the world of Mormonism, seeing and hearing things usually reserved for faithful members. In addition to a blog dedicated to the latest news about the church and updates about our sexy sister missionaries, they’ll find a discussion board where they can share stories of their own about encounters with Mormons or talk about the girls on the site. They’ll also be exposed to carefully-guarded Mormon secrets, like the secret underwear these girls wear and the secret ceremonies that Mormons perform in the temple.

Mormon girls are raised to believe that they must remain chaste until marriage. Sex is only to be enjoyed between a husband and wife. Sexual purity is demanded of every girl who goes on a mission. But at 19 years old, these girls are very sexual. They fight their instincts and desires daily. And sometimes those desires get the upper hand.

See the NSFW footage as it “leaks” exclusively at, follow the MormonGirlz on Twitter and Tumblr, and check out Brooke’s Facebook page.

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