MPAA Calls “Strong Sexual Content” In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ “Unusual Behavior”

Jan 7, 2015
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50 shades of grey

We’re only seven days into 2015, and it’s likely the MPAA will do something else silly, but the group’s latest rating for “Fifty Shades Of Grey” is their most MPAA-est in quite some time. Of course, the mom-approved, sexytimes movie was always going to get an R-rating, unless the filmmakers really played things safe, but it’s the description that’s particularly interesting:

50 shades of grey

So, for all you millions who bought the best-selling piece of former fan-fiction and enjoy fantasizing about (or engage in) light bondage or dominance/submission play, you are officially engaged in “unusual behavior.” Congrats. Of course, it’s only unusual if you’re a member of the always rigidly conservative MPAA, who probably still push the beds together once a month to fulfill their marital obligations.

50 shades of grey

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