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Oct 1, 2011
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As some of you know already this email was sent to Cindi at Luke Is back:

Fun & games are over Cindi! Time to get Jon **** , Whiteacre & Sean**** off of NN’s (Nica Noelle, @Nnoelle) & Ms. Seraph’s (@JanuarySeraph) case! Don’t know what your role is with Healing Wave but you have the power to make the harassment cease & desist! They are not bitches , cunts or skanks…they are ladies! If not I will work to contact every company that has a banner on your site, forward them the harassing tweets your “boys” have been sending to them. Know you don’t care if they are hassled or not but know you care about $ & that you wouldn’t want to lose any out of your pocket! You better start thinking what is more important: the jollies you & they are getting in making these women life hell or losing clients! Your call! You can make this real easy or hard! I have plenty of time to do my own ivestigating! Have a very nice day & even better weekend!!! @badboysjuice (just ask @furfamily & @mrwhiteacre…they’ll know 🙂 !!! )

Not sure, but it looks like Capt Save A Ho was threatening a chick. Worse yet – this fucking simpleton is saying that I have been harassing Nica Nicole and January Seraph. Up until about two days ago I talked to January all the time. My links are on their Adult Performer Association website:

Now, I have had no interaction with Nicca in about 2 months, and that was limited to trying to squash a beef between her and Mercedes. She got pissed and started going off on me. My final tweet to her was have a great weekend.

The word cunt never came out of my mouth…so I’m not sure where this fucking dude got the fucking nerve to try and call me out. Muther fucker is acting like he did something by emailing Cindi and making threats. He’s such a fucking bad ass that he couldn’t even tweet me about whatever it is he thinks I did.

Nope, Mr. Billy Baddass threatens LIB about what’s going on, on twitter.  WTF is wrong with you Roger? If there is one thing I haven’t gotten used to in the porn world is the amount of pussies, the good pussy, and the Rogers of the world.

So then on top of that, you have this fukin moron boy @seaninohio saying
Saying we should just bring PWL back, that this is the same shyt. Really dumbass?  Want me to show you PWL? Fine. Send me pics of all your family members and I’ll build you a wiki, then lets see if it’s the same you fucking retard.

Now these two fuckheads are all over twitter like they did something. You know what you did? You threatened a women and ignored the men. Why? Cuz you’re a fucking pussy…

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12 years ago

he won’t twitter you because there is no evidence to substantiate his false claims…no matter how hard he looks for it. there is no evidence because you never said or did any of the things he accused you of saying and doing.

accusing anyone that was responsible for bringing down PWL of using PWL tactics on others is an extreme insult to them. if you want to piss with the big dogs, be prepared to have them put you back in your place. they don’t bark before they bite…

12 years ago

This has all gotten too crazy. I’ve never stopped considering you my friend. There has been so much going on between so many people that it’s hard for me to keep track. From what I gather, something went horribly awry between Nica and Cindi, at which point Mercedes and maybe you got dragged into it.
I mentioned tonight that I’d like to try and facilitate some sort of peaceful understanding between you and Nica.
I hope you’re both open to it.


Michael Whiteacre
12 years ago

Yes, Sean, January had NO IDEA. It’s all so confusing.

12 years ago

Sean, Thanks for having my back against these losers. xo, Cindi

12 years ago

Isn’t that a pic of the guy that shot Reagan? He was trying to impress a ho also. Well a dyke that played an underage ho.

Just sit back and wait until he feels she didn’t properly appreciate an offering or gesture. He’ll turn on a dime and show up on her doorstep with a bludgeon and a ligature. Fanboi and stalker are 2 sides of the same coin. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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