Nathan Bronson in studio on this weeks “And Now We Drink” Podcast

Nov 7, 2021
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nathan bronson
(LOS ANGELES, Calif) — Dickslinger, stuntman and chef Nathan Bronson is the latest guest of Matt Slayer’s popular “And Now We Drink” podcast.

Nathan returns for his third solo appearance on the podcast. Like Nathan’s previous appearances, the episode gets wild very quickly.  Slayer and Bronson over the course of the two hour episode share stories about; gross mishaps on set, Nathan’s desire to go to Germany and perform for “the Bum’s bus”, and his youtube cooking show “Hanging with Nathan”

Nathan had this to say about his appearance on the podcast “I’m always surprised no matter how many times I come on the podcast, Matt. and I can still talk for like four hours. Just shows you one of the things that’s missing in this world is having a good long conversation with someone”

“Having Nathan on is always a blast, We hadn’t seen each other in person since we worked together almost a year ago. The conversation started flowing like no time had passed and we just started swapping stories. I’m so excited to be back to primarily doing in person episodes, the energy turned up to 11 when the guest is in the studio,” Slayed added.

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