New Scam Unions Labor Filings Reveal a $25,000 Donation #AHF #IEAU

Jun 12, 2018
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Phyllisha Anne

Phyllisha Ann’s long con, the International Entertainment Adult Union (IEAU) has filed its 2017 paperwork with the Dept of Labor…

Very interesting stuff to say the least.. The first time I checked, some paperwork for the 2016 filing wasn’t available..So I will include it in this post..

Remember all those times I accused the Union of trying to charge a 600 dollar initiation fee and they kept PUBLICLY calling me a liar?

You don’t say …Pretty high prices initiation fee if you ask me.

Here’s a good one, remember that time I accused Phyllisha Ann of taking money from AHF and she sent me a cease and desist?

Look a line item 25. Cash on hand, an even 25k. Wonder where the Union got its hand on 25K? I bet that 25K and the Union signing onto the AHF condom bill is just ONE HUGE coincidence. When I say huge, I mean bigger than Phyllisha Ann’s drug habit..

They also claimed to have spent 3400 on professional services, one would think that would include lawyers fees.

Maybe thats how they paid for the 50 lawsuits they allegedly filed:

That’s $68.00 bucks per lawsuit, or 7  blowjobs… I guess being a lawyer isn’t as lucrative as it once was.

So in 2016, Phyllisha Ann’s scam union spent 2k on a town home located at 1144 Landsburn Circle. I wonder how that address is connected to the Union??  More on that later.

The Union also made 15,421 dollars worth of other disbursements?  That’s alot of “other” payments. I’m sure Phyllisha Ann didn’t see any of that money. That would just be wrong…

The 2016 filing shows 36 officers and board members..

If you look at the 2016/2017 side by side, you see a decrease in membership


Somehow, they went from 70 members to only 5, but had over 30 officers and board members during the 2017 fiscal year. And thats not counting the 10 new members a day that Ruby claims they get every time I post about them..

TRPWL made at least 11 posts about the scam union over the 2017 fiscal year, while I’m not a ex-NASA engineer like Michael Thomas Strother, aka Mike South, using even the most basic mathematical word problem, even I could figure out that Ruby wasn’t telling the truth.

Solve for X

If Mike was sued 10 times for lying about people, and Phyllisha Ann gave him herpes 6 times and  Mike was 95% certain he attended AVN fairly regularly how many members would the scam union have after 11 TRPWL posts?

I’m going to go with 110.

So now you see why this is confusing to say the least.

Here’s one for you. Are board members and officers NOT paying dues? To answer that question, I asked the worlds foremost authority on the scam union, TRPWL, “No TRPWL, it would appear that board members and officers aren’t paying, if I can borrow a line from a liberal, their fair share”

They carried over $4100 from the year before. According to my math, based on the amount of officers that year, they are several thousand light in the dues/initiation fees.   5991.00 – 4,116 = $1875 raised in the 2017 fiscal year..That’s what I call a success story.

Wanna make a bet?  After this post, the next filing will be more inline with members vs money brought in. Just a hunch.

After Phyllisha Ann BLEW (see what I did there) that 25 K, they had to change their address to 22647 Ventura blvd, woodland hills.  A mailbox rental that at some point Phyllisha Ann will claim costs her $10,000 a year in expenses.

Here’s a good on for you, remember that time not to long ago, I wrote that Phyllisha Ann was the only treasurer for the Union. I think the basis for the post was every single dime collected by the union was at Phyllisha Ann’s disposal?  She could disperse it as she saw fit?  After that post, I was viciously attacked by members of the Union forcing me to go into hiding. Guess what?

According to the scam Union filings, the only treasurer is………. Phyllisha Ann

So to recap, the Union is a scam and Ruby is bad at math .

The end





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Mike South's coffee urn

Tremendous reporting.

Bobby B
Bobby B
5 years ago

Gezzes lol. Your math skills are undeniable. You make reading about shit heads fun

jody williams
jody williams
1 year ago

I had been friends with Bill Margold for many years, so when he praised Phyllisha Ann to me, I just automatically accepted his praise of her as gospel. At first, Phyllisha said all the right things to me that sounded good when she invited me to be on the board, and offered to even post our hotline on her union’s website. I then told her of all of the benefits we could offer union members – such as I’ve got scholarships available to anyone who needs drug treatment to programs I know have ex-porn performers on staff, some even have… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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