Nicki Blue Forgot To Mention The Fist Up Her Ass

Dec 7, 2015
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Once again I’m put in the position to rail on an alleged victim. When Nicki Blue first came out with her rape allegations I left it alone, even though those of us that have followed her over the years know she’s a first rate loon. Nicki’s twitter used to be one of my favs, from drug pics to suicide tweets, her twitter account ranked right up there with KLK and Monica Foster in terms of sheer entertainment. Trust me when I say habitual drug use combined with Twitter makes for great reading.

Last week saw the James Deen rape bandwagon grow by leaps and bounds. Yes, here comes the Sean’s pro Deen texts. I’m not Pro Deen, I think where there’s smoke there’s a fire. With that in mind, and like I did with Kora Peters, I’m gonna state the obvious versus believing all the extra money grab bullshit that comes out.

This morning Aurora Snow did a follow up with Nicki:

Last week, porn star Nicki Blue came forward with a shocking story of assault, alleging that accused serial rapist James Deen urinated in her mouth and then sodomized her with a beer bottle. Blue says she was a 21-year-old virgin at the time.

Blue has now revealed new information about the alleged event that occurred in 2011, on the premises of Kink, the BDSM porn company where she was employed as a webcam model. Nicki Blue claims that Deen did not act alone in the alleged sexual assault, among other new details.

What? New Info?

“Princess Donna and James Deen followed me to an area where there’s this window, where people step out to smoke, and that’s when Princess Donna and I got into it again,” says Blue. “She started to fist my ass and I was pushed into a corner so I couldn’t struggle or get away. Eventually I said ‘stop, stop’ and they did. It wasn’t planned. They didn’t ask if they could fist me in the ass, they just did it.”

Using my Sandlot voice, you mean to tell me when you were telling your James Deen rape story somehow you forgot to mention that a fist was shoved up your ass without your consent? How does one forget that? How long was said fist in your ass before you said stop?  Assuming it happened, by your own admission when you said stop, the fist up your ass was removed? Is it possible you consented to having a fist in your ass then forgot?  I mean you live in a world were you forget a person stuck their fist up your ass. So maybe you said “sure you can stick your fist up my ass.”

This revelation wouldn’t have anything to do with the fresh articles about people lining up to sue Kink, would it?

Nicki, doing an interview is like sitting on the witness stand. You get one shot to point the finger. When you’re sitting at home you cant call the DA and say “oh yea I forgot to tell you about the time someone stuck their fist up my ass without my permission.” The DA will wanna know why you didn’t mention it before. Now keep in mind I’m a man, but if someone stuck their fist in my ass I would remember that day for the rest of my life. And not in a good way…

For a brief moment the general perception was maybe there was a hint of truth to your allegations. However forgetting to mention a giant fist shoved up your asshole will cast serious doubts on anything you say from here on out.

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6 years ago

Sounds to me that she was told to add in another Kink employee, so her lawyer could point toward a pattern, and not a lone wolf. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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