Nina Hartley on the controversial movie Bubbles Galore, and why sex sells

Jul 17, 2014
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If you paid taxes [in Canada] in the ’90s, you helped fund what some people swear is a porn flick: Bubbles Galore, a 1996 film made with more than $100,000 in government grant money and starring real-life adult actress Nina Hartley. Critics denounced the controversial movie as outright pornography, while the director Cynthia Roberts defended the movie as an expression of feminist filmmaking.

Metro spoke with adult performer and Bubbles star Nina Hartley for her take on the Canadian film.

Nina Hartley talks Bubbles Galore, why sex sells

Click here for the whole story behind Bubbles Galore and to see what else Hartley told Metro, on the ABCs of Canadian film.

What do you remember about Bubbles Galore?

I remember it well. It was a lot of fun. I know the woman who made it (Cynthia Roberts) is an artist in Canada and I was really thrilled about it as an American, that a Canadian arts council would actually give money to make a movie about this topic. I was shocked. It would never happen here.

A still from Bubbles Galore

A still from Bubbles Galore

You don’t think so?

The anti-sex, religion, pro-morality forces are much, much too powerful. You’re Canadian, and you are unfortunately forced to observe American politics and the hysteria over abortion rights and the hysteria over birth control distribution and the hysteria over sex education in the schools; it is huge here.

The God folk have a real stranglehold on education policy and health policy. In American culture, sex is considered beautiful and amazing only within a very tiny context – i.e. within a committed monogamous relationship, preferably between a male and a female.

Any sex outside that context for a puritan-based culture such as ours … is suspect.

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