One of the Original X-Men Comes Out as Gay (Spoilers)

Apr 21, 2015
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An original member of Mavel’s popular superhero team kicks down the closet door in All-New X-Men #40.


Pages of Wednesday’s All-New X-Men #40 have leaked online revealing one of the original five team members, Ice Man/Bobby Drake, is gay.

The current storyline, written by Brian Michael Bendis, follows young versions of the original five X-Men (Ice Man, Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Jean Grey) displaced in time and fighting the never-ending battle in present day. The reveal of Ice Man’s sexuality – long speculated by fans – unfolds in a scene where Jean Grey calls the frosty mutant out for hiding who he is by overcompensating with flirtatious comments aimed at his female teammates. When he denies it, she reminds him she’s a psychic and can read his mind, before he finally lets his guard down and admits he’s got a thing for one of his fellow male mutants.

Take a look at the scene from All-New X-Men #40 (available Wednesday) in the leaked pages below (More pages in below link).


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