Open Letter To Monica Foster (From Sybill To Bachmann In 2.5 Seconds)

Open Letter To Monica Foster (From Sybill To Bachmann In 2.5 Seconds)

This is from the blog of our buddy Anthony…

[This is actually a repost and an update to a “memo” I posted over at my Lady Chatterley Boudoir blog last October. I am updating it to reflect new info and how Monica Foster has now overstepped the line seperating lunacy from outright vicious bitchiness…thus deserving a far more serious reading. Updated info will appear in brackets and italicized.]

In all my years as an observer and a fan of porn and its talent, I see plenty of personalities come and go. It’s part of why I absolutely love being a fan.

I also love the fact that explicit adult media is one of the few places where people are free to let their hair down, so to speak, and reveal things about themselves that they wouldn’t even be able to get away with in “civilian” life.

But as with most renegade professions, though, you will get that special breed of personality that oversteps the line which separates eccentricity from outright lunacy, from simply being one of the only slightly abnormal freaks, to being the latest candidate for the straightjacket.

And then…there is Monica Foster, who rips the lunacy book to shreds.

For those who do not know, Monica Foster is a now former middle-grade Black porn performer whom at one time was seen as a serious reformer who wanted to improve the conditions for women getting into the industry. Heck, she even created a series and a website ( in which she used her insider credentials and personal experiences to mentor young women seeking to enter the industry. She also created a complimentary site called, which offered guidance for those who wanted to get out as safely as they got in.

At one time, I considered her to be enough of a genuine person that I even included links and endorsements of her organization over at my blogs. I was under the impression that here was a serious and eloquent voice that was willing to fight the good fight from within to make the industry a safer and better place.

That was then…before I encountered the Sybll that lurked underneath the sexy chocolate covering.

[Which has now been shed by Monica in favor of the full Lizzy Borden/Michelle Bachmann ensemble.]

The first warning sign came when Monica decided to make a Federal issue out of how many porn starlets were escorting on the side, and how that was leaving porn performers open to a variety of diseases, including HIV. Of course, at the same time, Monica was herself escorting and offering “girlfriend experiences” to various rich guys. How do we know that?? Because when one particular rich guy, former pro baseballer Lenny Dykstra, solicited Monica’s…ummmm, “services” but somehow forgot to back up the check he paid her with actual funding, Monica went all ape shit upside his dome, using all the tools of her trade, including Twitter and her “Monica at Home” podcasts and blog, to light up Dykstra for bouncing his checks. (Never mind that that goes against the cardinal rule of sex work: Cash Payments ONLY. Though, I wonder if debit cards are now welcome.)

[Nothing has changed on that since then…Monica’s still running smack about how escorts are destroying porn with their diseases, while still moaning about Dyksta’s bounced check. Not much to see here, so I’ll move on.]

OK…so maybe that’s not a good example, since Monica could claim that she’s only mentoring from bad experiences and warning people.

But, then, there is her obsession with Vanessa Blue and Michael Fattorosi.

The former is one of the premiere Black porn starlets; the latter is the former’s current significant other, and a high-falutin’ attorney who dabbles in defending adult sexual media’s legal interests (hence his former Twitter gloss @Pornlaw).

It all goes back to the bad old days of the original Pornwikileaks. No, Clones, NOT the current version that is being run splendidly by Sean Tompkins; but the original one that was essentially @@@@@ attempt to seek revenge on the industry.

For those who remember, the original PWL was essentially a racist, homophobic, bigoted to almost neo-Nazi standards shop where @@@@@@ and his insider acolytes would post the most vile, hateful, and abusive rumor, as well as deliberately “out” performers using their real names, actual addresses, and even private medical records. It was ultimately shut down when some of its most prominent victims decided to use DL’s own methods against him and out him and his supporting cast.

Monica Foster’s role in all that?? Well, she claims to have been a prominent victim of Donkey Long’s aggression, complete with all the race baiting, the outing, and even the threats to her personal life. In fact, it got so bad that she even publically tweeted of committing suicide due to all the stress involved. And, she is generally credited with ultimately bringing Long down and reforming PWL away from the hate.

[Of course, we all know that Mike South, Mercedes Ashley, Michael Whiteacre, and their underling lieutenants beating Long at his own IP game bear most of the credit, and Monica was at most a loud booster.]

The problem is, though, that for someone who claims to be such a victim of the original PWL, Monica sure has a strange way of promoting them. Even with the racist attacks on her, she was still very much active in all of Long’s forums, and she even went so far as to call Long “a genius”.

[Not to mention the accusation that has now gotten around that Monica actually faked up racist smack in order to prop up her “victimhood” (see here), and even attempted to gain the original PWL database — the one with all the phony names, racist/sexist/antiporn/gay bashing smack, and all the private medical information thieved from AIM-MED — all in the name of “truthseeking”, of course. Nothing at all to do with her, oh noes.]

As for her vendetta against Vanessa Blue and Mike Fattorosi?? Well, Monica claims that “Pornlaw” was in fact totally involved with and supportive of the original PWL’s racist assaults, because (according to her) Fattorosi often would post to the XXXFilmJobs forum (one of Long’s favored platforms for his rumor mongering), and some of his clients somehow got exempted from getting their personal information outed in the original PWL database. Vanessa Blue is attacked merely for being Fattorosi’s sig other, and for being an alleged “traitor to her race” (Blue had previously been romantically involved with Black porn megastud Lexington Steele, but they broke off acromoniously).

Then there was the Classic Epic Twitter War that ensued between Monica Foster and “Darrah Ford”; the latter being a former porn publicist/rumor specialist who adopted the gonzo style of the legendary porn gossipist Luke Ford (in fact, there is no relation).

The genesis of that particular smackfest was when Monica decided to break off her support of….yeah, her again….Shelley Lubben and the Pink Cross Foundation’s efforts to reform former porn girls through “the love of Jesus Christ”. “Darrah”, whom has now disappeared without a trace since the whole PWL drama went down, was at one time one of the loudest supporter of Lubben and her ministry, often under the supposed “feminist” drive of retaking porn from the evil male establishment. “Darrah” was also a strong supporter of the drive by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (assisted lovingly by the Ministress) to mandate condom usage on all porn sets, while at the time, Monica was on the fence.

Once again, though, that was then. Now, it seems, Monica has reversed herself (again) and is now in near total support of Lubben, even going as far as to be fundamentally critical of those who are calling into account her distortions and outright lies. And this is even in the face of overwhelming evidence of how Lubben has used her ministry as her own personal money bank, or how she, in spite of her claims to have “saved” porn women from drug abuse, actually has enabled same abuse as a means of keeping her acolytes in line. (See Madelyne/Michelle Avanti).

How bad has it gotten?? Last year, Monica gleefully contirbuted to the documentary series developed by Michael Whiteacre and Julie Meadows, “The Devil And Shelley Lubben”, which sought to expose the contradictions and distortions of Lubben and her ministry.

Now?? She’s openly accusing Whiteacre of “stalking” and “harrassing” Lubben, and she’s publically broken off with Meadows (now using her real life given name of Lydia Lee), calling her a “fat bored housewife” who “deserves to be cheated on and to contract an STD”.

[To say that Julie Meadows has been pretty much wrecked by Monica’s turncoat bitchiness is an understatement…read up here and here.]

And in case even that is not enough for you, there is Monica’s newly found friendship and alliance with Nica Noelle and January Seraph, the two principal founders of the fledgling Adult Performers Association, which claims itself to be the first organization of adult performers of its kind. Nica and January also happen to have major personal issues with both the Free Speech Coalition (the current lobbying/public information org for the industry) and its newly created STD testing group, Adult Performers Health and Safety Services (APHSS). January’s issues are mostly with the FSC’s position against the .XXX domain and the security of the APHSS database used to monitor and protect performers during the testing process; Nica’s problem is with the supposed “monopoly” that FSC/APHSS has in the process of testing, which freezes out her right to choose her own testing company. Since Monica has been a long time opponent of FSC and APHSS, and their predecessors over at AIM-MED, it makes for a natural alliance.

[More like made for an alliance….Nica has now bailed out from APA, citing “harassment” from “PWL” peeps as the reason. Probably more because she simply couldn’t stand scrutiny for fellow travelling with Monica and her clown act.]

Also, there is that other bitter Twitter war ongoing between Michael Whiteacre, who happens to be one of the more tenacious defenders of FSC/APHSS, and both Nica and January, whom have also accused Whiteacre of some overly aggressive and nasty tactics of “stalking” and harrassment. Obviously, Monica has now gone all-in for the women, which dovetails quite nicely with her newly found love for Shelley Lubben.

[Oh, I haven’t told you about the latest and most obscene act that Monica pulled on Sean Tompkins of TRPWL; she basically accused him of being a “pedophile” for posting a pic of his son online….right after she basically called for her peeps to pray for his sons’s death. Right along with praying for the mass death of anyone attached to the “LA porn industry”. Sure…like her God has so much time to sling lightning bolts for her. Sean’s detailed the tweeterhea over at AWM/TRPWL, find it here and here.]

I believe that you get my point now, Clones. It’s one thing to change your mind and switch your views in a certain point in time. When you change your views back and forth the way Imelda Marcos changes shoes?? You might have a slight personality disorder.

Or…you just might be just plain freakin’ NUTS.

Memo, Monica: Back away from yourself. And…yourself. And…your other self.

[And while you’re at it, Monica, back away from the faux Christian pornstar cliff, because if you’re not careful, it will eat you up just like it’s starting to consume your mentor. Two words, dearie: “You’re next.”]

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