Former AHF Spokesman Darren James Is Asking For Your Help #NoProp60

Nov 7, 2016
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Alot of you may not know who Darren James is. 12 years ago, he was the guy who went to Brazil, did some sketchy shit, then came back and caused an industry shut down.

From Wikipedia

In an attempt to prevent a possible outbreak, an urgent search was initiated for potentially infected performers this made it extremely hard.[1] The search and subsequent testing were conducted by the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, where James had received his diagnosis. It was concluded that James had possibly been infected while engaging in unprotected anal sex with Brazilian actress Bianca Biaggi during a scene for the video Split That Booty 2 in Rio de Janeiro.[2][3][4]

It was discovered that three actresses who had worked with James shortly after his return to the United States had also become infected. These were Canadian newcomer Lara Roxx, Mareisa Arroyo and Czech-born Jessica Dee.[5][6][7] Roxx had only entered the adult industry two months before contracting the virus.[8]

Judy Star appeared in several movies where Roxx was also in the cast, and was known to have performed a sex scene with a female actress who had performed a scene with James.[9] Star, however, tested negative for HIV.[10] The ensuing fears of HIV infection (as well as the public scandal and criticism of the industry that followed the outbreak) caused a temporary shutdown of production of adult movies in Southern California.[11]

Darren James has remained very vocal about the incident and about adult filmmakers continuing their habits “as usual”. He is a staunch advocate of mandatory use of condoms on porn sets to protect performers from HIV.[14] Canadian documentary filmmaker Mia Donovan[15][16] made a 2011 documentary film Inside Lara Roxx, a result of following her life for 5 years with candid interviews and documentation, in addition to showing footage from Darren James in the documentary.

Now, I dont know this guy, and by all accounts he’s not like the other lying, cry on que, (Adams, her BF Daily & Burts) low end escorts AHF has marched out to the podium. But, with that being said, AHF has used him in almost all of their condoms in porn propaganda.

Of course what AHF doesn’t tell you is since his Darren’s diagnoses, testing and safety is a million times better which is one of the reasons why the industry hasn’t had an onset infection since..

7 days before the election, the election that includes the Prop60 vote, Darren launched a GoFundMe so he could finish a book.

My name is Darren James. I was a adult performer that worked in the adult industry. from 1999 to 2004. In 2004 I was infected with HIV and my  career came to a end.

In the last few years I decided to write my story, about my life before porn and during my adult career behind the scenes.
Living the life of a male porn star in the valley and all the life style that it came with.
I am currently working in the HIV communlty and sometimes doing public speaking’s throughout the  Los Angeles area in my speaking’s I try to give  some realism on male life as a por star not all the hype.
I think by doing the book I can give  people better  understanding about HIV, and the stigma that comes with it and to help others living with any health issues, by suviving and giving back to your community with education and support so other’s don’t repeat my misstakes.

This  book is completed and I am looking to make enough money to finish  my edit and marketing and self publishing so I can own my story. And write the truth what happened back in 2004 after first being diagnosed with HIV .

With your support and help I can do this . I  would love to share a true and honest story about my life in the porn industry and life now , surviving HIV  and life changing event’s and the  stigma.

Thank you and stay strong

Keep in mind he is or was a PAID AHF spokesman…

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  • Fuck him, fuck his book. Tell to hit up the AHF for more money.

    Phyllisha Anne's Dead Tooth November 7, 2016 9:37 pm 9:37 PM Reply

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