Pastor: Gay People Are Possessed By ‘Fart Demons’ That Can Drive Pigs To Suicide

Feb 11, 2015
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Usually TRPWL would provide its own commentary on loonies like this guy, but here is one of those instances where the folks at Queerty are SO spot-on, we’ll just refer you to them —

Pastor Bert Farias says Gay People Are Possessed By 'Fart Demons' That Can Drive Pigs To Suicide

Pastor Bert Farias

They report that, in a recent interview with Charisma magazine, Pastor Bert Farias of Holy Fire Ministries recently took it upon himself to explain why gay people are gay.

They are possessed by ‘fart demons.’ Yes, fart demons.

Oh, but it gets better.

Farias also claims that in choosing to be gay, a person chooses to engage in “unclean demonic practices.” Once that happens, they become possessed by “putrid-smelling” demons so stinky they can drive pigs to suicide.

He continued: “Homosexuality is actually a demon spirit. It is such a putrid smelling demon that other demons don’t even like to hang around it.”

Continue reading at Queerty

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