‘When people have no merit in their lawsuit they fight it in the press’ Shy Love

Dec 24, 2014
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Yesterday I wrote a short screenplay titled “Shy Love ain’t too bright” It was optioned by ESPN and is currently being made into a Lifetime movie. After writing it, I reached out to Shy Love to see if she had an opinion. Unless she was using a fake name and needed help moving 70 million bucks out of Africa, she didn’t respond to my email.

Fast forward to 0815 hours, that’s 8:15am. I was alerted via the bat phone that my fellow blogger and secret Santa had an EXCLUSIVE RESPONSE from Shy.

A response, you ask? Yes, it would appear that Shy responded to my post via another blogger. Weird, huh? I mean there’s no mention as to why Shy made the statement. No mention of TRPWL and/or my critically acclaimed Lifetime movie. And to be honest, that hurts me inside. What it does tell me, is Shy assumed lots of people read my post.

Shy, I’m writing this to you; like always, I write to the person I’m talking about. I don’t get into the essays like others, so let’s get down to business.

Shy, first, either you or your lawyer should never ever leak an email written from one attorney to the another. It sets a bad precedent.

Second, were you not the one who started the press leaking thing?? I know what you’re thinking, the blogger that put the suit up got his info from “Google Alerts.” Which begs the question, who puts Shy Love or your real name in their alert feed?? But that mystery was solved when you tweeted this:

LOL Hmm, So you leaked the original filings long before Google “alerted” the blogger you spoke with….

“It is common practice that when people have no merit in their lawsuit that they fight it in the press.” ~ Shy Love

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8 years ago

People who think they are the smartest in the room are always the easiest targets. They are always so full of themselves, they never notice the holes in their game.

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