PETA Activist Really Enthusiastic About Raping Women

Nov 12, 2013
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Gary Yourofsky spends a lot of time thinking about raping women… because he really cares about animals. Yourofsky was sponsored by PETA to give animal rights talks in school classes.

But Yourofsky may have proven too much even for an organization that engages in the mass killings of cats and dogs, displays women in cages and mocks cancer patients and the Holocaust.


In an interview in 2006, Yourofsky said that those who wore fur deserved to be brutally raped. “Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever,” he said.

Considering that Yourofsky has been to prison several times for his animal rights “activism”, his female friends might want to lose his numbers. And Yourofsky never learned any new tricks. It was always back to rape.

< “And if you think there is such a thing as humane slaughter. I’m curious, do you also think there is such a thing as humane rape?" /blockquote>

Apparently based on his 2006 interview, Yourofsky thinks there is. But then there was more Yourofsky rape.

“Meat-eaters begging for vegan respect is akin to NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) pedophiles asking people who don’t rape little boys for respect. I don’t respect people who choose cruelty. I don’t respect a pedophile’s choice to molest kids. I don’t respect a rapist’s desire to violate a woman’s body. “

And then Yourofsky turned to pig rape.

“Female pigs are forcibly impregnated against their will with long steel devices that shoot hog semen into their uteruses. Sometimes the bestial rape is done by hand but regardless of the technique female pigs are the unwilling baby machines of the meat industry.”

So when Yourofsky showed up in an Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Sociology 101 class, the topic went exactly where you expect.

“Is bestiality weird to you? Doing sexual things with animals? Because I used to think everybody thought so, but not even close, my meat, cheese, and egg-loving friends, because you engage in carnivorous bestiality on a daily basis,” he told the students.

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
9 years ago

Let’s see .. an ethical cause trumpeted by unethical charlatans using lies and inflammatory language to call attention to themselves.

Why does this seem so familiar?

9 years ago

‘nother nutjob.

9 years ago

Tell Yourofsky to go get fucked up the ass by a horse dick. I think PETA should be shut down and its leaders tarred and feathered. Some animals were put on this earth to feed us. Also, if we quit hunting and culling animals to provide food they would become overpopulated quickly with many dying of starvation and untold damage would be done to human habitation as the excess animals start nosing through the trash and eating vegetation intended to feed humans in an attempt to eat enough to survive. A bullet to the head is less cruel a death… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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