Phony Award Show Urban X Is Just A Shill For Ad Buyers & PR Companies #UrbanXAwards

Jul 17, 2017
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The scam Urban X awards will be a weekly focus from here on out. How long you ask? One could go as far as to quote Squidman Palledorous’s grandson Squints and say “Forever!”

Below is a partial list of Urban X nominees. One thing they all have in common is they are part of James Bartholet’s Galaxy publicity: – Best TS website – Best Female website
kimberly – Best Female website – sponsor of his radio show, Best Webcam company
September Reign – Rising Star (now former client)
Mila Jade – Rising Star, started in 2013
1am USA – sponsor his radio show, Best Novelty Company
Adam And Eve – could be legit but sponsor his show, Best Novelty Company
Kristina Rose – IR Star (now former client)
Jenna Ivory – IR Star
Allie Haze – IR Star
Jessy Dubai – Best TS
Luna Star – Social Media Star
Misty Stone – Female POTY
Luna Star – Female POTY
Marica Hase – Female POTY (now former client)
Tia Cyrus – Female POTY
Luna Star – Nicest Booty

Man, that’s awesome.. Imagine being a PR company and being able to say, “I had 18 clients nominated for an Urban X award last year, Brian Gross didn’t have any.”  Hire me now please…

Missing Galaxy PR clients are:

Shawna Lenee – White
Sunny Lane- White
Liv Revamped
Loni Legend
Jayden Cole- White
Lily Cade – Wihite
Nickey Huntsman- White
Lexi Luna- White
Zoe Clark- White
Deanna Dare- White
Jay Crew – White guy

LOL So the Urban X awards coincidentally nominated almost everyone of James’s NON WHITE clients? WOW, talk about a stroke of luck.

Let me clear be here, I am not trying to call out any nominated performers, I’m sure they are all outstanding performers, I’m just pointing out how much of a scam the Urban X awards really is.

Take Kimberly Chii’s website. Her site was nominated for ‘Best Female website’ by way of the “fan voting”

Of course we know the fans have no real say in any of this, after all, when Urban X was criticized by Daya Knight, her noms were stripped and she was blocked by all Urban X social media accounts…But, lets pretend these nominations are based on fan votes.

Kimberly’s website has an Alexa ranking of about 6.5 million. That means it sees about 50-75 clicks a day on average.  What’s really interesting about her nomination is her site just launched. Galaxy just sent out the launch PR on July 10th.. Don’t let the PR date fool you, it didn’t go out till Monday..  

Even better, the nominations for ‘Best Female Website’ were announced on July 11th, or 24 hours after James sent out the Chii PR..  And some how, Chii managed a nomination..The fact that she’s a Bartholet client probably is just a coincidence. I mean, even though James is doing some, if not all of the press for the Urban X awards, that fact alone probably has no bearing on all his clients nominations..

I’m just to suspicious I guess..Maybe I am really just a jealous racist trying to hold back the only black award show..But then to have a black award show, it would work better if you actually nominated black people..Instead, Urban X filled their “black” quota and gave a good portion of the ‘fan nominations’ to James’s clients, sponsors, and white girls who do IR…

Stay Tuned,……



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Sneaky Pete
Sneaky Pete
3 years ago

Urban X has always been a scam according to those in the know. When it started, the sponsors, including the founder’s husband, and his inner circle of friends won virtually all the awards. When the couple split, this continued and he was very vocal that he was going to restart the show to spread the wealth, as he wrote on his twitter account arguing with some critic. That’s right, the focus of the awards was not to reward the best of the best or even try to but to try and give as wide a group of DeVoe’s buddies a… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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