Phyllisha Anne Sells Out #IEAU Union Members, Signs On With AHF #NoProp60

Jul 27, 2016
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Im told by someone connected to AHF that founder Phyllisha Anne decided to sign on to AHFs Prop60. She did this without having the authority,  and without a union vote. The motive for this will become clearer in a few days..

Not only has Phyllisha overstepped her bounds with AHF in regards to the Union, she also has been feeding lies to Mike South, and spreading disinformation about FSC, and FSC member Mark Schecheter..

Phyllisha claimed that in a meeting with Mark, that he said:


After these tweets were made, she was told that that was in fact a lie, she then deleted these tweet’s and re-framed her accusation without saying the name..Even now, Melissa knows these words were never spoken. She’s even alluded to it on her timeline, however she has yet to remove the tweets.

Phyllisha played her, knowing at the time Melissa believes everything that cripple Mike South writes..

Which brings us to the next part of Phyllisha’s con..


Phyllisha gave that info to Mike South because he’s to fucking stupid to verify it,  he has always just ran shit that fit his agenda, since he hates FSC, she knew he would have NO trouble running her bullshit.. Lets pretend that   Phyllisha got that info from Eric at FSC. How did she attain it?  If was in paper form how come South didn’t run that.. That’s some real news shit right there.. No, I suspect Phyllisha told Mike that Eric told her  Yes, im almost certain that if what Mike South wrote was true Eric shared it Phyllisha cuz you know, she is so trustworthy.


You would think that the FSC would at least be in denial about yesterdays post, but instead they are very much up in arms about how that information got leaked to me.

Probably because most performers read it and shrugged it off, I got almost no emails about it, its as if nobody cares, and maybe they don’t. We already know that some people are doing it anyway, its pretty common knowledge that with Mexico close by some performers run to TJ and stockpile Z packs for themselves and others, they then take these 4 or 5 days prior to the next test date so that they test clean.


“I got almost no emails about it, its as if nobody cares”

LOL No one cares? More like no one reads your site, and those that do know all you do is lie Mike South…Get over yourself ..

Phyllisha Ann, without the authority to do so, signed onto AHFs #Prop60. Then, knowing the members of the Union were gonna be pissed off, started laying groundwork for why she did it..Unfortunately for the members of the Union, everything she said was a lie




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