Please Give These People Your Hard Earned Money #APAG #IEAU #Scam

Mar 16, 2018
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Someone asked me if there were any CURRENT performers running APAG/IEAU. The answer is NO!

Here are a few of the people that wanna run porn. The info was pulled from IAFD


Founder Phyllisha Anne  has 3 film credits after 2012

Int’l President Elisabeth Thomas- No film credits, says she used to dance..

Int’l Vice President Casey Blue, no credits

2nd Int’ Vice President Courtney Sherrell- friend of Miss Thomas, says she used to strip, no film credits

Int’l Secretary Tina Thomas says she used to dance, no film credits

Int’l Board Member Bob Maschi in charge of “Union Dues Committee” lol , no credits, says he writes porn scripts

Int’l Board Member John Holomay, Jonathan owns and operates A Golden Shoebox, A sports and entertainment memorabilia business..

Int’l Board Member Ray Kile- Used to own a strip club, no credits

Int’l Board Member Chloe Haze, web cam girl, no credits

Anyone wanna guess what all those people have in common other than NOT working in porn? They are all buddies with Phyllisha Anne and Elisabeth Thomas.


APAG President Alana Evans- 41, hasn’t had a credit since 2016, and wasn’t really active after 2014

APAG VP and Homophobic Ruby- 45, hasn’t worked since 2007 lives on the East Coast

Sgt At Arms Amber Lynn, 53, hasn’t worked since 2008

Secretary Kelly Peirce, 35- very few credits, hasn’t worked since 2012. Lives in the Midwest

Board Members

Tony Tedeschi 53, no credits since 2012

India 40, no credits since 2008

Nica Noelle, 41,  shoots G/G and gay on the East coast.. Left porn valley 5 years ago

There are no CURRENT performers listed on either the board or as an officer for APAG.  And APAG is the group that is supposed to represent performers…

Here is an interesting fact, ever single performer, whether it be officer or board member, still active in porn, LEFT THE UNION. Kinda of makes you wonder

Of course, the union will say who better suited to “run” porn then industry “vets” like themselves. But these are the same people that only tweet about how it used to be. Because they have NO understanding of how it is now..

But yea, give them your money..I’m sure it will be fine…….

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  • The AARP of Porn lol.

    Old People Suck March 17, 2018 11:14 am 11:14 AM Reply
  • Here’s what the Baseball Hall of Fame Committee would look like if it was run by people roughly based on the same criteria
    International President: Sammy Sosa (Still a national hero in the Dom Replublic in spite having more juiced homers (609) then words (11) he can pronounce)
    International V.P.: Tom Selleck (Played in The Japan League in some shitty movie)
    International Board of reps: Casenco brothers (Retards)
    President: Walter Matthau (Coached the Bad News Bears drunk af the whole time)
    V.P. : Madonna (Bisscch that never should have been allowed to act let alone in a baseball movie)
    Secretary: Rosie O’Donnell (WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK was she doing on a diamond in a League of Her Own. Just maybe if she was there to play Youppi (Former Expos mascot people) i’d a believed it )
    President of the Etiquette Board Chairman, Head of PR and Spokesman: Wild thing Ricky Vaughn (even crazy irl Charlie Sheen)
    Ethics Committee
    President: Rogers Clemens (Juiced got caught, lied, juiced again, caught, lied to committee and his peers, juiced again, got caught, lied to congress under oath, ruined his legacy as the one of the top 5 pitchers of all time)
    Co-VPs Barry Bonds & Mark McGwire. Hit over 1300 hundred homers combined and will never get into the MLB Hall of Fame. A disgrace to the uniform.
    Founder: Mighty Casey (Mother fucker been striking out in the rain since 1888)

    lucifuge1973 March 17, 2018 11:27 am 11:27 AM Reply

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