Please Give Phyllisha Anne Your Real Name & Address #IEAU Union Business

Feb 24, 2017
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Phyllisha Anne

Felon and the person voted most likely to flunk a random drug test Phyllisha Anne has redesigned her scam Unions website.. Bored, I decided to not only check out the money scam website, but also download its bylaws…Oh man, what fun…

First, in keeping with Union standards, the website has more misspelled words then 1st grade spelling bee. And it’s not just the website, the Union Bylaws, a document written in word, has over 120 spelling errors in the first 27 pages…I didn’t bother reading all 72 pages, but I will.. I know what your thinking, how can a document written in Microsoft Word have ANY misspelled words? LOL

I guess the most concerning part of the website is the sign up page:

Yes, Phyllisha Anne, the felon, the women who was fired from her inter-web radio show for giving out the personal info of people she didn’t like on the air, wants you to give her your real name, home address, and stage name…What could possible go wrong here??  It’s not like in the wrong hands that info could harm anyone.  It’s not like Phyllisha Anne ever texts people she doesn’t like and tells them ” I know where you live”  lol  Oh wait, she has, more then once…

If you are stupid enough to give her all that info, you then can help her buy drugs and pay for porn star karaoke:

LOL  All those times I sad the union was about money only to be told it wasn’t…From the Union Bylaws…

Sec 6. Each member of the International Union in Good Standing shall be entitled to a membership card. All fines and assessments levied against a member must be paid before renewing dues.

LOL What? Who levies the fines? Phyllisha Anne?  I can see it now, Phyllisha Anne finds out someone sold meth and didn’t cut her in for her taste..Fine for you..

A rejected Applicant will have any initiation fee monies already paid to such subordinate bodies, minus the International’s processing fee

So after Phyllisha determines she doesn’t want you in HER Union, she’s gonna help herself to the processing fee of $600.00 bucks.  I say her union because she has repeatedly told people on twitter she will never let them join HER union..

If you read her bylaws, there is quite a bit of language dedicated to making sure Phyllisha Anne gets paid..

Automatically Denied or Withdrawal of Membership;

Resorting to a civil suit or criminal action against the International Union, or subordinate bodies chartered from it or any of its members before all

  1. International Union and subordinate bodies remedies are exhausted.

e) Committing any act of malicious nature with the intent to disrupt or retard the progress of the International Union.

f) Any type of non positive social media interaction in which would send the International Union and subordinate bodies into an ill reputation

That means when you realize the Union is nothing more then a scam dedicated to lining the pockets of Phyllisha Anne, her daughter, and her best friend from Portland, you’re not allowed to tweet about it..Doing so will get you kicked out, which of course results in you legally forfeiting all the money you paid to Phyllisha Anne’s cell phone bill..

Willfully refusing to pay dues or assessments properly established, or fines properly imposed or other valid financial obligations.

If at anytime a member resolves to legal representation, before union mediation, that member becomes automatically a member in “Bad Standing”.

Sec. 1. Each member of the International Union shall pay dues to the International Union at which time International has deemed necessary.

Sec. 2. Dues shall be paid to the subordinate bodies in accordance with the policies and Constitutions and Bylaws. Until which time, however, the creation of four (4) subordinate bodies has been created, and a due structure is formed, dues will be paid to the the International Union.

Sec. 3. The Finical obligation of the Union dues say be set at the time of the membership committee is formed.

Sec. 4. (a) The International Union shall charge an initiation fee to person who becomes a Union member.

(b) Initiation fee shall be subject to the justification and set based upon each subordinate bodies needs, in which, of the creation of the International Union shall create a Dues committee to establish all due structures.

Sec. 5. Delinquency dues are paid on a quarterly basis. A dues payment covers the quarterly fiscal year regardless of the day it was paid. A member who has not paid dues for more then one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date due well be considered in bad standing, unless has made arrangements for a “Income Due Stamp” prior to the one hundred and twenty (120) days, specified in Article XIII Section 1 and 2.

Sec. 6. There will be a 25% reinstatement delinquent charge, in which at that time paid will be reinstated to membership back into good standing.

So when Phyllisha Anne fucks you over and steals your money, you’re not allowed to hire a lawyer..If you do, you forfeit your standing in the union and loose all the money you paid to Phyllisha Anne’s Union…

Here’s a good one:

A person shall be eligible for membership if he/she is;

  1. a) Of or above the legal adult age of eighteen (18) years of age.

From another page on the website:

They will take your money at 18, but, really don’t want you shooting adult until you’re 21..


Talk about a great deal:

Holy shit batman, so for 60 bucks a month, I have access to $8000.00 per month?  I don’t know about some of you, but a dirty a test doesn’t sound that bad anymore…Gee Sean, you’ve had Syphilis for the last 19 months? is that a new car?

BTW, all these super awesome discounts Phyllisha Anne’s scam union offers, including the insurance can be found here.

For 12 bucks you can skip paying for Phyllisha’s morning after pills and Brillo pads…

I’m gonna go out on limb her and say, if any of you are stupid enough to give Phyllisha Anne your real name and address, you deserve what ever bad shit is coming your way..

More later

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6 years ago

Can’t believe this crazy bitch is still around

6 years ago

Crazy bitches are like bad pennies, they always turn up. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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