Plush Talent No Longer A Licensed Talent Agency, But Signs Hot New Girl

Jan 3, 2017
Adult Business
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It appears that Plush Talent is no longer licensed in the state of California


Who knows, maybe he will find a “way” to get the money and renew..Otherwise, he’s be breaking the law..

Speaking of Plush, check out this hot new model Scott signed:

Man, wonder where he found her? Using my fake South commenter voice, Scott Old Boy, yer the best… Hmm, she seems to have no prior porn work, weird..Maybe its because who ever made this graphic took this pic from here 

Her name is Lili Bigelow and I dont think she is signed to Plush. Her picture is stock photo in alot of wordpress themes..

I guess my question is, why would Plush not wanna use on of there own girls for there new flyer??????????????


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4 years ago

Someone should contact her. Didn’t AdultFriendFinder get in trouble for using chicks’ pix in their advertising, who wanted nothing to do with their site?

P.S. The other day I saw the fake me is still posting on South’s site. They don’t post in my voice though. I saw no mention of hookers or starfishes. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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