Pornography filters on or off? That’s a conversation couples will have to have, says David Cameron

Nov 18, 2013
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Husbands will have to have difficult conversations with their wives about whether to opt out of new pornography filters, David Cameron suggested on Monday.

But the Prime minister added that he thought families with children should opt to block access.


Mr Cameron was asked how couples would agree over web access, if a husband wanted the filters switched off and a wife wanted to block pornography.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 he said: “Well, they’re going to have to have a discussion, aren’t they? The fact is, I think what ought to happen here and what is going to happen now is when you sign up to an internet service provider, when you take out your broadband account, you are prompted with an online message which is, there are these pornography filters that are switched on.

“If you want to keep them, go ahead, particularly if you’ve got children in the house; if you want to take them off, you have to make an active choice.”


David Cameron the cunt

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
8 years ago

No, this is a conversation no consenting adult should have to have. They’re only having to have it because of douchenozzles like Cameron and his pals among the U.K. anti-porn jackbooters.

Isn’t it interesting how a bad idea born on the Labour side ended up enjoying such enthusiastic support from the Tories?

If Labour leadership had a brain, that’s the conversation they’d be having amongst themselves. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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