Pornstar Lawyer Michael Avenatti Disrespects Pornstars

Oct 16, 2018
Adult Business
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This guy is a total wack job…Glad he lost

I’ve found it humorous over the years that people assume that since a girl shoots porn, she’s someone STD ridden..While that may be true with the pussy party girl, for the most part, banging a porn chick is a hellave of lot safer than banging some strange you meet in a local bar..For those that don’t shoot porn, when was the last time YOU were tested

So I guess to Michael Avenatti, cheating on your significant other with a porn star is worse then cheating on her with the girl who sells Slurpees at the corner market. Wonder what Stormy thinks about that?




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3 years ago

This guy is a fn trainwreck and it’s quite enjoyable to watch lol - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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