When PR Goes Wrong

Mar 1, 2017
Adult Business News
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In the ever crowded world of porn, there are a few things that talent can do to set themselves apart from others..One of them, is hiring a PR firm to keep your name trending week in and week out…Unfortunately, some PR companies dont care HOW they do that..

Take this gem for instance:

Now, I was told that James Bartholet was her PR rep at the time, if he was, there is NO he should of allowed this Q&A to be published..Part of a PR companies job is to make sure this doesn’t happen, ever…

The industry lives in a time where its getting attacked daily from the AHF’s of the world, people are looking for ammo and this is one bullet..    At the very least, the interviewer should of killed that answer..

Here’s one that got sent out while the Industry was gearing up for the Nov 2016 Prop60 vote:

It was far from XXXXXXX first try at back door action. She started down that highway three years ago because, as she says, “I wanted it in the butt!” In her personal life she says she recently managed a triple anal penetration in the bathroom at a party.

In that very same PR, this person is described as a “Fresh-faced 18-year-old” .

It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out she’s talking about doing anal as a 15 year old..Now, I’m not naive enough to think there aren’t 15 year olds out there doing all kinds of stuff…I’d like to think they’re not..But, the reality is they are. But why would you promo that? Why would any PR company promote underage sex???

When I got that PR I emailed the company that sent it, asking why would you do so close to the prop60 vote..Actually, I think I called them retarded for doing that, their response was to remove me from their mailing list..lol

Recently, one PR company, wrote a blog about why a PR company should never have control of a talents account, forget that this person runs several of their clients accounts, but this person is 100% wrong.

In fact, the good PR companies do get log ins for their clients. Why? because believe it or not, some girls/guys say shit they shouldn’t be saying, stuff that can be used against them at a later date. The good companies, monitor their clients and when the client fucks up, they delete the tweets.. Shit happens.

Alot of companies hire based on Social Media, if the talent won’t promote scenes, some companies will look for someone else to shoot. If the talent is constantly saying stupid shit on twitter, some companies wont hire them..  A good PR company will make sure things are getting retweeted while the talent is on set, asleep, or just being lazy, and when the talent talks about how they wanna bang the 17 year old kid serving her at Starbucks the good PR companies will find a way for that tweet to go away…

I understand that in porn you’ve gotta play that “I’m a nasty girls roll”, but, some of you really think about the shit you say.

And while I’m at it, any agent who talks to a underage girl should be arrested…

Next time, ill give you a list of 3 Agents who actively recruit underage girls who express an interest in porn…



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