Adult Producer/Director Glenn King on FSC’s PASS System

Jun 3, 2014
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Reposted from Glenn King’s blog with permission of the author —

A female performer asked me the other day “Should I be using the PASS system? I heard that they give out all my personal information to anyone that asks for it. Isn’t it better to just ask the male talent to show me a copy of his test before we shoot?”

In my opinion, it’s very wise to use and be in the PASS system. Let’s discuss what the PASS system is for and clear up some of the misunderstandings about it.

Two Questions for you:

  1. We all know the story of Mr Marcus, the performer who altered his test after contracting Syphilis so he could continue performing. Pretty much everyone in the world has access to Photoshop these days. So, how do you know that the performer you are working with didn’t alter his/her test?
  2. Most of us have heard a rumor that another performer knew he had Hepatitis B, so he went to a testing facility that didn’t test for the full panel. So, how do you know that the performer you are working with got the full panel done?

The PASS system was created to solve these two problems. It’s a simple online database that answers one question about each performer: Is this person cleared to work- yes or no? If the person has a green check mark in the system, he/she has been tested within the last 14 days and came up negative on the full panel of tests.

If he/she doesn’t have a Green Check Mark, it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she has a disease. It could mean that he/she just hasn’t tested within the last 14 days. All you need to know as a performer is that this person is not cleared to work.

Contrary to what you may have heard, the PASS system does not allow someone to enter your Performer name and find out your real name and address. Your “porn name” is not in the system. Also, the PASS system cannot be used to access your medical records. Your medical history is not in there. If someone wants to know if you once had Chlamydia , they cant get that  information from the PASS system. It’s not in there. That’s not something any of your co workers need to know. To access your information, which consists of only “Cleared to Work”, or “Not Cleared to Work” they have to know your real name already. If they did know your real name, they are not going to find out any personal information other than “Cleared to Work” or “Not Cleared to Work”.

The PASS system is free for all Performers and Producers. To get your login, email .

Adult Producer/Director Glenn King on FSC's PASS System

As a Producer, I don’t shoot a scene unless all performers show in the system as “Cleared to Work” with a green check next to them.

For the most part, I’m not a performer. If I were, I’d want to do everything I could to make sure I’m working with talent who has a clean test. I wouldn’t perform in any (intercourse) scene with a performer who was not cleared to work in the PASS system.

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