Adult Production On Hold Until Monday

Adult Production On Hold Until Monday

Adult production on hold until Monday, March 23 after the PASS testing and test verification system was notified today that an adult performer has tentatively tested positive or “reactive” on a PCR-RNA test for HIV.

The results of the performer’s confirmatory tests are due Saturday.

The process of re-testing and establishing a geneaology of the performer’s sexual contacts has already begun. Any person who has been intimately exposed to the performer at any time between two weeks prior to the performer’s last negative HIV test and the date of this tentative positive result has been contacted to be tested.

At this stage it is a three-day precautionary production hold.

The adult industry periodically calls for production holds when any possible positive tests surface. Should re-testing confirm that the performer in question is in fact not HIV-positive, or if the performer pool has not otherwise been placed at risk, the production hold will be lifted immediately.

Should the performer or the performer’s sexual contacts be confirmed HIV-positive, a moratorium on filming will be called.

UPDATE: The reactive test result has been proven to be a False Positive by confirmatory testing
Adult Production on hold until Monday, March 23

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