Prostitution abolitionists violate our rights!

Jan 14, 2015
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Italian feminist blogger Eretica Whitebread recounts her conversation with an Italian sex worker living and working in Germany.

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By Eretica Whitebread

I wrote this article after a conversation I had with F., an Italian sex worker living in Germany. She works at a place that is perfectly legal and pays taxes. She has a son from a previous relationship and her current partner is a woman. A few years ago, she moved away from Italy, where she had been charged with abetting ‘exploitative prostitution’. At the time, she was sharing an apartment with another sex worker. They had intended to help each other in order to work more safely. But under Italian laws, merely living with a sex worker can put you in trouble and see you charged with ‘exploiting the prostitution of others’.

After she served her sentence, F. chose to relocate to Germany, but currently, she feels quite unsettled there. Having already suffered due to the unfair legal charge in Italy, which made her the victim of a law that criminalised her without reason, a law not intended to support her in any way, she now learnt from the news that fanatic feminists want to make sex work illegal, thus driving sex workers underground. F. is afraid that she might again face a law that will criminalise her job.

Abolitionist feminists – feminists who want to prohibit prostitution – affirm they want to rescue victims of prostitution, but in fact, laws against human trafficking already exist. What they really want is to declare all prostitution illegal, including for those who voluntarily chose to engage in sex work. Their beliefs enforce the idea that no woman could ever freely choose such a job, just because they never would. “But that’s not the case where I’m concerned,” F. said. “I feel confident, and this is in fact a job I chose for myself. Nobody compelled me and I have no regrets.”

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
8 years ago

Yet another transparent attempt to prohibit sex work to “protect” sex workers proves that, like all the others of its kind, it only makes sex work more difficult and dangerous. The hateful fanatics behind these preposterous laws know full well that this is the predictable result and don’t give rat’s ass. These feminists (and they really are a tiny minority of feminists overall) don’t mind throwing a few women under the bus in the mad frenzy to abolish all sex commerce, a thing that has been tried over and over throughout history and failed every time. Until governments come to… Read more »

8 years ago

It’s not the “feminists” that hijacked the movement. In Los Angeles during the 1980’s there was a minimum of five serial killers targeting prostitutes operating at the time with the police refusing to lift a finger. Despite me personally taking one victim who had been stabbed 51 times by the cousins who were later dubbed as the “Hillside Stranger” killer to the task force offices with their names, addresses, etc – they still threw us out of their office and refused to get even warrant. They couldn’t get a warrant because as we all know prostitution is a crime. Therefore… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  TRPWL

No doubt. 🙁 - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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