Psycho Woman Allegedly Attacked Dude With Knife For Refusing To Be Her Boyfriend

Nov 27, 2012
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A Florida woman viciously attacked a man after their first date because he wouldn’t call himself her boyfriend, according to authorities. 

Thirty-five-year-old Jillian Leigh Martone of Delray Beach allegedly punched her date in the face, threatened him with a kitchen knife and smashed his apartment window with a pair of rocks, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported. 

The alleged victim, 39-year-old Efren Molina, told police that he met Martone for the first time last week and they arranged to go on a date.

Molina picked her up Tuesday and they went out for food and drinks together. After the meal, they returned to Molina’s apartment in Boca Raton, ‘where they stayed for several hours,’ according to the police report. 

At some point, they got into an argument over whether they were in a relationship. Martone allegedly made a comment about being Molina’s girlfriend and Molina objected, saying he didn’t agree with that title. 

‘Martone became enraged,’ police said, according to the Sun Sentinel. Molina told Martone to leave and that’s when she reportedly attacked him.

Molina shouted for help and his roommate responded by rushing to the living room. The roommate got there just in time to see Molina wrestling a kitchen knife out of Martone’s hands. 

Molina then forcibly removed Martone from the second-floor apartment — dragging her down the stairs and out the door — and called police. 

When authorities arrived, they found Martone crying outside Molina’s apartment beside a pair of large rocks, which she had allegedly used to break a window to the apartment after she was thrown out. 

She told police she had been in an argument with a man in the building.

Alleged: Jillian Leigh Martone, 35, of Delray Beach, allegedly punched her date in the face, threatened him with a kitchen knife and smashed his apartment window with a pair of rocks.

Authorities knocked on the door of the apartment and Molina answered, welcoming them inside. Molina’s hand was bleeding and there was a trail of blood down the stairwell wall leading from the second floor to the first floor and out the door.

Police arrested Martone and stated in their report: ‘It was apparent that Martone was the aggressor.’

This wasn’t Martone’s first arrest. 

She was booked at Palm Beach County jail on March 12, 2011 on charges of a DUI and possession of a ‘harmful drug’ without a prescription.

Three months earlier, she has been arrested on charges of drunken disorderly conduct and causing a public disturbance, according to booking records.


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