Randi Wright Hates Stage 5 Clingers

Aug 20, 2011
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I met Randi a few years back. She was on a Caribbean cruise with her fiancée and we started hanging out. Same ole story. Boy meets girl, we fuck in the back of car below deck, ship hits iceberg, starts to sink, we profess eternal love for each other, push old women out of rescue boat and have more kinky sex. While waiting for the rescue boat, she falls asleep and I sneak off. In an effort to get over me, she turns to porn, sues me,  and the judge orders me to do this interview

1. I read you jumped right into porn at 18? is that true ? and if so why did you choose that path at 18?
Yes, I started in adult at 18 it is true. I decided to get into adult at first for the money, but then after being in for awhile I fell in love with it and have been in the biz on and off ever since. I do not regret it at all.

2. I don’t see any movies shot after the end of 09.. Why did you stop?I stopped to go to school and because I had gotten into a serious relationship. Although the relationship didnt work out I still continue to go to school and plan to receive my RN license soon.

3. No Anal, GangBangs or Interracial? How come? Ive never done anal before, not even in my personal life so I am waiting for the right time. No interracial because I like to hold out on things for awhile so its exciting when I do them and same for gangbangs.

4. So does this mean we will see an Interracial Anal Gangbang?? Hahahaahaha! You never know!

5. I see 2 tattoos ? Do those have any meaning or did you put them there so people wouldn’t stare at your vagina? You are a very funny interview man! I have more than two tattoos and they have no meaning just like the way they looked on paper, not so much on me.

6. Are you affiliated with any modeling agency? Yes, 101 modeling as of right now.

7. When you first started in the biz did you think it would last as long as it has? I don’t know if I even thought that when I first started. But now that I look back I guess no I didnt.

8.Do you see yourself still in porn 5 years from now? Absolutely!

9. When you date, do you date outside the industry? Yes, I always date outside the industry, but things may change. Like I always say you never know what is going to happen.

10. As a webmaster, do you have a opinion on the ICM registry and XXX domain sales??    OMG, I am no webmaster, and have no clue what you just asked, lol. I was trying to find some sort of CMS or turnkey system that would allow models to build their own site and upload and mange the site themselves but I haven’t found a good one yet that works for me (still looking) but I have found a cute smart boy so maybe I will have sex with him to build it for me 🙂 haha

11. Do you have a opinion on APHSS? HUH? wtf is that?

12. At what point do you think a PornStar enters MILF status?? Thats a good question I think it could be at any age depending on how you look, your physical features etc. I believe an 18 year old could play a MILF if she looks older than her age.

13. If you had a child would you still shoot porn? Probably not, but then again maybe. It all depends on the circumstances.

14. What is your website address? and if the 33 million people reading this wanna reach out to you how do they do that? Right now CLUBRANDI.COM is in the works it has not launched but people can see whats happening over there. Im not very happy with what my webmaster has done that is why I am still working on updating changing always making it better, but you will see everything there first. My first anal. IR, gangbang everything. All exclusive hot footage you wont find anywhere else. Also I shoot other girls for my site with me not in it so really there is something there for everyone. Every fetish you can think of from feet to giantinism.

14. Do you know what a stage 5 clinger is? Yes! Weird question, Why do you ask? lol

15. Do you think one day you will ever play tummy sticks on camera or are you saving that for marriage? Isnt tummy sticks when two guys lay in bed and put their boners together? I dont have a dick so I dont think that applies to me lol

16. I think you should grow your bush back..The world demands it…How long do we have to wait? Gross! Hair on the vagina is disgusting!!!BUT MAYBE, JUST MAYBE ILL DO IT FOR YOU AND SHOOT ONCE AND THEN SHAVE IT OFF 🙂 It should be noted after this interview she texted and assured me the bush will be in full bloom by Sept 17

17. If theres anything you wanna say feel free... I love each and every one of my fans and thank you for whoever took the time to read this, also If I may add some interesting facts about myself that sets me apart from othergirls in the adult world it is this:

I have this obsession with making my own music and its not serious or anything but I do it just for fun and I have two songs out on itunes under Channon Rose one is called Deployment Song I wrote it for all our military boys and another called Losing me that I wrote about an ex boyfriend. My songs are more like a diary for me to express my feelings and to just have fun so please dont be mean and tell me to stick to porn because I dont take it seriously so neither should you. I write and make all my own music on garageband on my mac its not professionally done.

I bought my first house at 20 years old it is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with a guest house ( and for all you stalkers out there I have a very good security camera system and Im watching you! haha)

I dont do drugs and rarely drink and am a pretty cool down to earth chick.

Also, I do art and have some art sites where I sell my work another site you can see to check that out would be Channonrose.Etsy.com

And one last thing to add is that I have been in school for some time now and I juggle fulltime school, art, porn, webcamming, and my website and my personal life. Im studying to be a registered nurse I will have my BSN in nursing. So im a pretty busy girl, anyone who has been in school to be a nurse or is right now knows how much work that is.

If theres anything else you want to know you can email me: Send Email To Randi Wright. I do get a lot of emails a day ( as im sure you do too) so I will try to get back to as many of you as I can.

Love Randi Wright xoxo

check out Randi Wright’s wiki page

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Monica Foster
Monica Foster
9 years ago

interesting art.

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