The Real Story Behind The Fake “Michael Weinstein Is Back” Email

Jan 29, 2017
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For the last month or so someone has been in my ear trying to get me to write about East Coast Talent. Saying he’s ripping off talent and doesn’t have a license. This person even took at as far as to say, “he’s way worse then Scott” over a Plush..When he told me that I was like, has ever ever been accused of sexual assault? Or stealing a debit card? Writing bad checks? His response: no, but i heard he likes to get fucked in the ass with a strap on. WTF? I told him thats not a felony. This is porn,who cares..

Now, in this guys defense, he  did send me a letter about ECT not having a LIC and some one sided text messages with girls talking about lack of invoices..  That in itself isn’t enough for me to slam him, add a fake Clips For Sale store and get back to me.

During our texting and phone calls, this person also informed me that 3 of the top 4 agents were on board with blacklisting ECT.. That wasn’t true. In fact, I can only find one agent who is or wanted to blacklist ECT.. As soon as I was told that, it was no longer a stroy IMO.. So what happens next?  Well Kelli writes a story about ECT not having a license. In fact, she’s written several articles about agents not having a license which is odd since one of the agencies she works for hasn’t had a lic in over a month.

During this back and forth about whether or not I would write the story, this email gets sent out using AHF and Weinstein as a threat to production about working with Unlicensed Talent Agencies:



I’m sorry to say that Michael Weinstein isn’t going away. Turns out he had plans for the adult industry in case his last attack failed.

The reason I’m not going public with this information is because I didn’t want to give him any more attention than he already has.
For now I think the best plan of attack is to be informed. I feel like if we all know what he’s up to, then we can prepare to fight against it.

What I’ve found out is that he will be working with the California Labor Board.

By going this route he doesn’t have to fight to enact new laws, because he can just use the laws we already have on the books against us.
Specifically I am told that Michael Weinstein is looking go after production companies who book talent with non licensed agents.
I’m not a lawyer and don’t understand the intricacies of the labor code so I can’t say for sure or not which law this has to do with. All I know is they specifically said they were going to use labor code regulations already on the books to do this.
Any production company in the state of California is subject to be punished by this policy that “will be strictly enforced in 2017”.
Michael Weinstein isn’t going away. He’s like a dog with a bone – he isn’t letting go.
And now that he’s found an easy in, to attack us with laws already on the book, we have to be careful.
Again I don’t want to cause a bunch of drama or start a panic. I just want to let you know what I found out so that you can try and protect yourself from being attacked.
The following is a list of companies who are acting in the role of an “agent” and attempting to book scenes for performers.
As they are not licensed by the state of California and if you book talent through any of these listed companies or anyone who isn’t legally licensed by the state of California, then you face potential legal issues in the new year.
  1. East Coast Talent
  2. The VIP Connect
  3. LAX Models
  4. Ideal Image Models
  5. Black Rose Talent
  6. Mojo Vixen
  7. XXX Star PR
  8. Glamour LTD
  9. Vibez Models
  10. AMA Models (Brian)
  11. Pink Pearl Modeling
If you aren’t sure if agent is legally licensed by the state of California, visit their official website and simply do a search —

I guess my first question is why would the person who wrote that email leave Plush talent off the list..According to the link the emailer provided, Plush isn’t licensed. Does this mean that any fees paid to Scott after Dec 23 have to be paid back?

Why would the mailer include a PR company on that list? I’ve only heard one person ever publicly claim that the guy that runs that is also booking scenes, that was Kelli Roberts, the same person who insists Scott has a lic even though the State Of California says otherwise.

Looking at the list, East Coast Talent is first. Why’s that? Almost like the list was written because no real news source would give any traction to the ECT story. The person pushing it on me told me I had to write it cuz I had the readers..But when I wouldn’t, suddenly emails are sent to production and part of the story shows up on another blog..

Now, I’m not saying Kelli wrote it, she probably did, maybe there IS some good Samaritan out there named Amber Hywel letting production know about AHF’s made up top secret plans to destroy porn by fining companies that maybe book 100 scenes a month from NON licensed agents.  Mark, Mark and Hay probably book 8oo scenes a month combined, so if that is the super top secret plan to destroy porn I’m more confident then ever that AHF will loose once again.

Who would win if those companies suddenly got blacklisted? Well the licensed companies who DON’T appear on that list, and ANY unlicensed agent who’s not on the list. They get to pick up the bookings and some of the talent who would suddenly be without an agent.

Now, it’s not outside the realm that my source on this created the email himself, after all, he thinks Scott is a good guy, so he leaves him off the list, ads rumor mill bullshit to the list to hide the real motive of shutting down ECT. Possible? Yes..

My only hope is that a dildo in someones ass wasn’t the sole motive behind this cheesey attempt at eliminating competition






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6 years ago

I’d feel bad for people who cant do any better than transparent lies, but that would take time out from laughing at em. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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