Rob Black’s Cleaning Girl, Katie Summers, Sues John Stagliano & Evil Angel Over HIV Exposure

Jun 18, 2013
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This is just a blurb I found on Fattorosi’s timeline. It’s funny in a way, since everyone knows everyone’s HIV status usually within 72 hours of a positive test. For them to say they didn’t know John Stagliano wasn’t HIV+ is a lie.

This stuff isn’t top secret on the straight side. This is Rob Black trying to get more attention, drag someone down in the process and cover his tracks. So he got his live-in maid/sometimes girlfriend, and the only person with a income, Katie Summers, to file. Must have taken them at least a month to save up the filing fees…

Courthouse News Service_20130618-100529

I’m pretty sure this will get covered at length everywhere on all other news blogs (except LIB), so I’m not gonna spend too much time on it.

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11 years ago

There is so much funny about this one:

This is from early 2010 (released in May).
It was a Solo Anal Masturbation scene.
John barely touches her!!!

Oh Katie!

11 years ago

Where is the part in which she should have asked John for a test if she were to do anything with him? Oh that’s right– She never asks for tests. Even pulled my ex into a cam show (who was not a performer) and fucked him without a condom or asking for his test. The industry should go condom only, because of performers like Katie Summers.

Dasha Madera
Dasha Madera
10 years ago

What a fucking LA Homo. Taking Donny Long taking cock up his ass. I don’t think he could ever get any pussy. Too many fags like Donny Long running around out there in LA. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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