Scam Union Tries to Scam Other Scam Union #APAG Versus #IEAU

Jun 18, 2020
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This will be blunt and quick…

Alana Evans, Ruby and Kelly Pierce are lying worthless pieces of shit.. They are predators

They elected themselves into a fraud union hoping to make money via promises made by another predator, who wanted make money off the hard working backs of adult performers

They just hide it under ‘activism”  like any other scam non-profit

When this union shit started, I always said it was about money..

from XBIZ

1.  Evans, Ruby and Pierce’s complaint, dated May 20, alleges that IEAU failed “to pay the sums due under the written agreement” and calculate the damages at $124,000 for each of the officers, plus $400 for Evans to repay a loan.

2. The plaintiffs are also suing for IAEU failing to pay them “for goods and services rendered,” an amount they calculate at $496,000.

3. The APAG officers allege the press release, mentioning this “false” lawsuit, and comments made by Anne during a radio show about Evans shortly after, constitute defamation and are “libelous on their face,” exposing them to “contempt, ridicule and obloquy because no lawsuit has been filed by IEAU against plaintiffs.”

4. Evans, Ruby and Pierce calculate the damages to their reputations “in excess of $100,000 each.”

Four of the most worthless people to ever step foot in the adult industry have resorted to fake legal battles..With a lawyer that um…. I’m sure is a “great guy”.. My question would be, how is this lawsuit being funded? like how are they paying James Felton? None of them have any real lawyer money? James should be smart enough to know there’s no contingency fees here.  I’ll leave this discussion for another day

They talk about damages to their reputations.. It’s a well known fact they are fuckups.. That’s how they wound up in bed with the queen of fuck ups, Phyllisha Ann, to begin with.

Truly I’ve said worse about them all, have more reach and more money than Phyllisha Ann, but they don’t come at me like that..

Felon Phyllisha Ann holds the cards to APAG being APAG. She created the Union and now wants to do away with the APAG chapter

This is like that kid who sues his parents for emancipation,. the kid is motivated by personal reasons and uses the suit as some leverage with mom and dad.. The leverage here is the threat of forcing Phyllisha Ann to open Union books…This will never see the light of day


More coming

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