Serenity Haze Is Now A Community Activist

Jun 11, 2018
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Serenity has some issues with ‘The Providence House’, a local non profit aimed at helping people deal with homelessness..

Sounds like a cool place huh? Nope, according to Miss Haze, it’s “freaking trashy”  and they need to “clean or town or leave it”  A lot of people dont know this, but Serenity is the block captain of her trailer park community watch group..If she says you need to leave town you better start packing..Unless your 100% white, then you can move into her hood, share her food, and go to regular meetings with other whites.

I wonder is Serenity noticed the words “clothing donation drop box” ? Maybe, just maybe, some people confuse that with drop all your shit here..

Imagine Serenity is on watch command, riding around her trailer park on a bike her recently paroled boyfriend stole from an Asian kid outside a 7-11, when she sees an elderly Hispanic lady praying outside her trailer.. Serenity pulls up on her, puts down her kickstand and ask the lady if she thinks Dave Chappelle is funny? When the lady answers yes, Serenity evicts her..

Heart broken, the sweet religious lady packs up, and decides to leave all her worldly belongs to The Providence House.  The Providence house,  now unable to keep up with all the minority people Serenity has kicked out of her trailer park allows stuff to accumulate at it’s clothing box..Not unlike Salvation Army, or Goodwill..

After making that post, Serenity and some people that aren’t welcome in her trailer park began to argue back and forth.

Hmmm, what does ‘peoples like yalls mean? Kaniqua looks like an African American. That can’t be it..We can get back to that

Odd, why would Serenity say Kaniqua lives in low income housing? And last I checked, trailer park living in your 20’s wasn’t considered high society, even for the neighborhood watch block captain.. I’m probably jumping to conclusions when I say it’s race motivated.

Ok, I could be wrong here, but isn’t “monkey” considered a derogatory comment when aimed at an African American?

Lets hope the judge on her case is White and Proud…Otherwise, Serenity may be stripped of her neighborhood watch block captain status

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3 years ago

I got nothing against trailers, but if I was a decent looking 20something pro fuck toy, I’d be living in a much better joint than a trailer park. At least get yer own land and a phat new double wide. That broad probably needs a better suitcase pimp. One willing to push her towards better work ethic & smarter financial decisions, while giving her a good belt in the chops when she says dumb shit. If you are against lifting a hand to a broad, even crazy ones, then I’d recommend dry anal. Stupidity w/o consequences benefits no one.

3 years ago

I swear, her father should have left her as a stain on the mattress. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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