Is Serenity Haze Pregnant? Did Sean Lie When He Said No More Serenity Haze Posts? Full Story Inside

Jul 10, 2016
Adult Business News
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So a reader left a link in the comment section of a Haze post..Hoping it was a link to some awesome fake Nigerian NFL jersey site i clicked it…

Imagine my surprise when it opened up to a baby registry for none other than Serenity Haze.  I know what you’re thinking, Sean didn’t confuse than and then.

Like I told Grace, Im a wordmsith, like little Ralphie Parker writing to Santa about a BB Gun, this shit just rolls off my tongue with perfection.


Im certain this is totally legit.  Its not like Serenity has ever used a sick kid to scam money before?  What if she is pregnant? I can see the 1st day of school now, Serenity loads the little one into her 1978 white panel van, leaves the trailer park only to let the 5 year out of the van several blocks away from the school. “Mommy, why cant you drive me all the way to school?”  Sorry little Cletus, mommy cant be within a 1000 feet of a school or a Chuckie Cheese..  Well can you at least tell me who my daddy is?  Of course Cletus;



Sadly these 2 didn’t last long


Man, if these 2 lovebirds cant make it work there is little hope for the rest of us.. JT seemed like a great baby-daddy and awesome role model.

Maybe when little Cletus is older Mom can tell him about all her fans .

Hazefan hazefan2

It seems Serenity’s fans will stop at nothing in their search for the latest news and info on her..Some even visiting this site to comment the stories:

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TRPWL - Sucks Fag Dick

Again. You’re a faggot, Sean. You’re a sad lowlife faggot who has to resort to porn as a source of entertainment since you couldn’t get a woman, even if you had a $100 bill hanging from your zipper. Then again, you’ve never seen one of those up close and personal. The woman or the currency. Enjoy reporting on “porn stories” since it’s all a worthless nobody like yourself has in what he sadly calls his life.

7 years ago

Sad thing she actually did make a scam up about having a sick child

7 years ago

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