Sex Toy Review: Rechargeable Precious Metals Jewels – The Princess

Mar 30, 2012
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I’m always on the lookout for a new and innovative vibrator, especially a rabbit, which happens to be one of my favorites. So imagine my delight when I discovered the Rechargeable Precious Metals Jewels – The Princess. I like this vibrator for several reasons. It’s a rabbit. It’s rechargeable in a very unusual way. It’s called “The Princess”, which is one of my nicknames.

I chose the purple Princess since purple is one of my favorite colors. What I thought was very innovative about this vibe was that it recharges on my computer! It has a USB port. Now that’s different. Of course, my computer is out in the open so I wrapped the Princess in a small towel so prying (and embarrassed) eyes wouldn’t see it. The cat sure wanted it, though. He tried to play with it, thinking it was a very expensive cat toy. Go away, furball.

It didn’t take long for the Princess to charge. The controls were also user-friendly. You don’t know how to read to use them. The images on the buttons say it all. Plus those buttons light up so I can see in the dark. I enjoyed all four vibration and rotation speeds, especially the faster speeds on the clit stimulator. The shaft was nice and thick, just the way I like it. The Princess is unlike many men. It can last forever. It doesn’t squirt cum all over you. It doesn’t deflate after it’s finished. And it rotates and vibrates. The moment human males are selected by evolution to have rotating and vibrating penises, the human race will explode in more ways than one!

Until then, we women will enjoy rabbit vibrators like the Princess. And these vibrators have lasting power!

I used a little lubricant on the head so that the Princess slid into me without a problem. Oh it was thick! There was plenty to grip and thanks to my Ben Wa balls I’m very good at gripping. The clit stim was in the right location. It’s also a rather broad clit stim so it not only teased my clit, it also vibrated against my labia. The shaft felt nice and soft, since it’s made of TPR. It moved with me and was flexible enough to have some give. It was far from rigid. It was shaped a bit like the Michelin Man so it had its own texture as it slid in.

The vibrations felt excruciatingly wonderful both inside my pussy and outside against my clit and labia. I pressed the buttons over and over again to try out different speeds and rotations. As usual, my pussy was so tight it stopped the rotations in their tracks. Those Ben Wa balls did their job! When I came – which wasn’t too long after insertion – I had to bite my lip from crying out and making too much noise.

And that brings me to the only disadvantage of the Princess – it’s loud. I’m used to quieter vibrators so when this one roared I was afraid my family heard it in the next room. I doubt it but still, I get paranoid. When it’s beneath the blankets and inside me it’s considerably quieter. I’m not sure why it’s loud but it’s not the quietest vibrator I’ve ever used.

Aside of the buzzing, the Princess is a fantastic rabbit vibrator that is rechargeable. I love rechargeable vibes because they’re so much easier to deal with. No batteries to run out! I highly recommend the Princess but remember it’s a bit noisy. Otherwise, this is one vibrator you should add to your sex toys collection. You may find this vibrator at California Exotics.


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