In sexting case, authorities in Manassas want to inject teen to give him an erection, then photograph him

Jul 9, 2014
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In sexting case, authorities in Manassas want to inject teen to give him an erection, then photograph him

A lawyer representing a Manassas City, Virginaia teenager accused of sexting a video to his girlfriend says police want to take photos of the 17-year-old’s erect penis — possibly forcing the teen to become erect by taking him to a hospital and giving him an injection.

A Prince William County judge allowed the 17-year-old to leave the area without the warrant being served or the pictures being taken — yet.

In sexting case, authorities in Manassas want to inject teen to give him an erection, then photograph him

The boy’s guardian at litem in the case, Carlos Flores Laboy, thinks taking the photos is illegal. “They’re using a statute that was designed to protect children from being exploited in a sexual manner to take a picture of this young man in a sexually explicit manner. The irony is incredible.”

The teen is facing two felony charges, for possession of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography, which could lead not only to incarceration until he’s 21, but inclusion on the state sex offender data base for, possibly, the rest of his life.

“The prosecutor’s job is to seek justice,” said the teen’s defense lawyer, Jessica Harbeson Foster. “What is just about this? How does this advance the interest of the Commonwealth? This is a 17-year-old who goes to school every day, plays football, has never been in trouble with the law before. Now he’s saddled with two felonies and the implication that he’s a sexual predator. I don’t mind trying the case. My goal is to stop the search warrant. I don’t want him to go through that. Taking him down to the hospital so he can get an erection in front of all those cops, that’s traumatizing.”

Foster said the case began when the teen’s 15-year-old girlfriend sent photos of herself to the 17-year-old, who in turn sent her the video in question. The girl has not been charged, and her mother filed a complaint about the boy’s video, Foster said.

The male teen was served with petitions from juvenile court in early February, and not arrested, but when the case went to trial in juvenile court in June, Foster said prosecutors forgot to certify that the teen was a juvenile. The case was dismissed, but police immediately obtained new charges and also a search warrant for his home.

The young man’s electronic devices were seized and police also arrested him and took him to juvenile jail, where Foster said they stripped the teen and took photos of his genitals against his will.

The case was set for trial on July 1, where Foster said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Claiborne Richardson told her that her client must either plead guilty or police would obtain another search warrant “for pictures of his erect penis,” for comparison to the evidence from the teen’s cell phone. Foster asked how that would be accomplished and was told that “we just take him down to the hospital, give him a shot and then take the pictures that we need.”

Washington Post / NBC

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
8 years ago

And we like to accuse Sharia law of being barbaric. I’d say this kind of thing qualifies, along with beating up crazy homeless people on the freeway.


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