Shady Sandra Stories Part2, Plus How To Get Out From Under Her Referral Fees

Aug 19, 2019
Adult Business
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After we ran the first story about OC Modeling figure head Sandra McCarthy, we began receiving horror stories from both current and former OC talent. The common denominator in each and every one was begin forced to sign up under Sandra’s referral links.

Here’s a quote from a text message from someone who used to be with OC:

“She tried to do the same to me when I signed up. Sandra gave me a packet of referral links and instructions for OF , Camsoda, and Fancentro. I already had accounts on the first two but I was trapped into giving her 30% of all my fancentro earnings even after I left.”

A packet?  Talk about shady.

I could post more of these but you get the point. But never fear

For all those that are tired of paying Sandra, here’s a way out..

Create a 2nd account, change the price point on your original account to some ridiculous number, say from $9.99 to $299.00. Your current subscribers will have to agree to the new price point. While this is going on just let your Social media followers know your new account info.. Once all the old subs switch over, Sandra no longer gets your money.

No agency should require you to sign up for 3rd party platforms as part of signing with them. I think people forget, the agency works for you, not the other way around.. Giving them money for the rest of your life isn’t ever in your best interest.




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1 year ago

Hi world porn world. I went to school with Kelly before she became an addict just like her dad and mom.
Kelly was arrested 14 times and her dad 311 times.
Y’all can laugh all you want in disbelief but TRPWL army can fact check this easy. Fingers crossed there will be a TRWPL part 3 of the McCarthy’s crime spree a read all about it, a sad story coming soon - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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