Shelley Lubben Goes Into Crisis Mode – HOT NEWS TIP

Feb 28, 2012
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Shelley Lubben is obviously in need of cash flow and media attention. Trying to ride Taryn Thomas’s push to get porn companies to consider Arizona as a new home, And upset that AHF dropped her, Lubben sent out this presser begging for the spotlight ..

Its seems ole honest Lubben forgot to mention she was dropped by Arizona ABC 15 on all the follow up stories…

and for those that don’t know, heres a few quotes as to why AHF dropped her

January 24, 2011

AHF president Michael Weinstein wrote:

“I am an openly gay man who has been active in gay rights for almost forty years. I obviously strongly disagree with Shelley’s views on homosexuality…

May 10, 2011

AHF president Michael Weinstein wrote:

“Some of Shelley’s antics are not great PR for us.”

“Shelley is a lightening [sic] rod for criticism and engages in outrageous behavior. I don’t think it is advantageous for AHF to be too closely associated with her.”

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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre

I make this offer to any media seeking qualified guests to discuss either porn in general or the mandatory condoms issue — I can recommend speakers on either side of the issue who will charge no appearance fee, unlike Shelley Lubben.


She actually asks for a fee, not a donation? I thought the whole Jesus bit was to be tax exempt.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre

Speaking fees are apparently paid to Shelley Lubben Communications, not Pink Cross Foundation — not that there seems to be a difference; it all appears to be one big Lubben family piggybank.

An exposé on the Lubben finances is forthcoming. The data has already been forwarded to the IRS.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre

Lubben writes, above, “I am a former porn actress who fights for safety and health in the CA porn industry,” yet she its the same person who wrote that she was “dancing” when AIM, the health clinic for adult performers closed its doors after being destroyed by AHF’s campaign of lawsuits and harassment. She also recommended that adult performers seek free HIV testing from LA County, without regard to the fact that the free tests are ELISA-based “rapid” tests with a window period of up to 6 months, rather than use the state of the art, FDA-approved PCR-RNA testing that… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic