Shelley Lubben Just Fired Her Last Shot

Oct 12, 2011
Shelley Lubben
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Before I start, let me apologize to the poodle. I told him yesterday I was done with Lubben for awhile. Blame LIB. Had her site not been redirected, I never would have happened upon Shelley’s banner and clicked on it.

As most of you know, Shelley has had defection after defection, ending with her own brother speaking out and refuting just about everything she has said about her childhood. I knew Shelley would fight back. How else is she supposed to keep her 60-grand-a-year and travel money rolling in?

So what does she do? She goes and finds a fresh porn rape victim. Kudos to you Shelley. I mean, with all the people doing porn, and as bad as it is, it didn’t take you long to find another victim.

Instantly after reading the story of Corina Taylor, I texted my stalking buddy, Whiteacre. I knew he was busy looking through Fat Tara’s window, but figured he would have time for me. His response was:

Well wait…if this chick left porn seven years ago, how could she have gotten raped and ran to Lubben and the Pink Cross? This makes no sense. But then, while standing in front of Nica Noelle’s house, it hit me. This is all Shelley has…a chick who may or may not have been raped years ago, and hasn’t shot a movie since 04…

Quickly, I put my C4 plastic explosives back into my GI Joe backpack and started researching. After almost five minutes of Googling Miles Austin’s hamstring, I found no other ammo for Shelley.

Unless she can connect the Porn Industry to the Zodiac killings I’d say she’s fired her last shot.

If you read this and are in need of a good stalking, feel free to reach out to us. Myself and Whiteacre are great stalkers. We can make you think we are stalking you even when we are not.. It’s a gift…references are available upon request.

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11 years ago

Lubben no different from any other Jesus pimp. Don’t matter how much they lie, because the people that send them money are too stupid to figure it out. It is slightly more respectable than cold calling grannies with stock scams.

11 years ago

are you limited to US/Domestic stalking gigs, or do you have your international stalking visas at the ready?

Lydia Lee
Lydia Lee
11 years ago

LMFAO!!! That is a funny post.

Did anyone get screen grabs of Lubben’s brother’s two responses to Shelley handing over one of his old emails on LIB? I think it was Cindi’s last post before the site went down altogether. Those responses were good, but I failed to get the screen grabs, myself. Darnit!

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

I have those comments, Lydia. Desperation is a stinky cologne. Lubben’s “foundation” is now being forced to reveal itself as what it really has always been: a platform for an anti-porn activist to attack the industry which denied her fame in 1994. The pretense that Pink Cross can lead, or has EVER led, people out of the adult industry and “HEAL” them is destroyed. Gone — like a July snow. Lubben can roll with this change but the question now becomes, how does she write off the payments on her Elias Avenue house now that nobody in “recovery” from porn… Read more »

Lydia Lee
Lydia Lee
11 years ago

I pity her, too, and I pity people who know what she’s about who still promote her because they seem to think that “something is better than nothing.” Being preyed on by porn predators and then being preyed on by anti-porn predators is just a double dose of abuse. Some people just astound me with the level of ignorance they display. Incredible!

11 years ago

It is all a change of addiction.
I aint addicted to coke any more, I just smoke weed.

I stopped shooting smack, that stuff is bad. I just have a prescription of 150 Vicodin a month to deal with this back pain.
I don’t buy one line of bull shit, I buy another.

Stupid/weak people are preyed upon, that is how the world works. Scumbags profit and humans shake their heads.

Drunkenly Signed,
At least I’m not Monica’s Bitch

11 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

Crunkleschwitz, that is a good observation — especially when it is applied to Lub-Head Lubben. According to an interview conducted by Michael Whiteacre (the interviewee’s name I cannot really remember but the video is on Michael’s website), Lub-Head is using heavy amounts of alcohol and Xanax and IIRC she was providing scheduled medications to at least one of her “patients” that happened to have an addiction issue. That isn’t good for someone like Lub-Head who has had addiction issues in the past and could signal a complete relapse either in progress or coming up very soon! Recent clips of Lub-Head… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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