Shocking video captures moment female passenger sobs as she suffers ‘sexual violation’ during TSA patdown

Apr 16, 2012
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A traveller’s sobs were left ignored this weekend, as she was subjected to an invasive pat-down despite her cries – in another blow to the TSA.

A video posted to YouTube captures the weeping woman’s ordeal during the security checkpoint at an airport in Madison, Wisconsin.

Jim Hoft, who runs the political blog Gateway Pundit, posted the video on the site, as well as YouTube yesterday.

Mr Hoft wrote: ‘This morning at a Midwest airport I witnessed this poor woman suffering through this horrible sexual violation’.

It’s the latest in a long line of disturbing behaviour during security checkpoints.

Loud sobs can be heard as the woman, wearing a pink sweater, is patted down by a female TSA agent.

The woman’s hands are shaking as the agent moves her hands down the woman’s legs.
The woman is then left alone, and can be seen hunching over, her arms crossed across her body in humiliation.

In his blog, Hoft raises the notion that the woman may be experiencing a post-traumatic stress episode.

The TSA has come under intense scrutiny for the pat-down and body scanner policy in recent years, especially in the age of YouTube.

Last month, a clip on the video-sharing site showed a terrified eight-year-old boy confined to a wheelchair, trembling with fear as he was subjected to an invasive TSA pat-down.

In February, a mother claimed she was subjected to repeated body scans after being told agency employees that she ‘had a cute figure’.

These followed incidents last year, where TSA agents allegedly helped themselves to cake in a flier’s bag, and confiscated another’s cupcake.

In December, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs was flying to a gig in Denver with two large bags of marijuana in his bag.

But instead of confiscating it, the agent who inspected the bag instead left a note saying, ‘C’mon son’.

A TSA agent was fired in October after New York writer and lawyer Jill Filipovic found a note in her luggage (which contained a vibrator) that said: ‘Get your freak on girl’.

Source Mail Online

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