Is Shy Love Holding Hostages?? The Mike Mancini Proof Of Life

Mar 6, 2017
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Recently Shy Loves failed agency took to YouTube to clear up her tarnished name by making some promotional videos..  Makes total sense, since its free and Shy is scraping the couch for loose change..When I watched the videos, I immediately thought of Colombian kidnappers forcing their prisoner to read a note to the camera which will later be used as a proof of life.

After watching VIP mope Mike Mancini read awkwardly into the camera, one has to wonder if Shy is off screen holding a gun. Is poor Mike being held against his will? Is he even alive? Is there a rescue Mike Mancini Go Fund Me somewhere?  Will Mike Quasar donate his Gofundme proceeds to the Mancini Fund?  Something is definitely wrong in that video, only a man under duress would ever make a video promoting Shy Love..

These questions must be answered..I watched the video 3 times, and things started to become clear.

When I looked closely at Mope Mancni, I could see what appears to be him sending coded messages when he blinks.

at the 11 second mark, Mancini blinks, “Help me”..

at the 45 second mark, Mancini blinks “This fucking bitch is crazy”

at the 58 second mark, Mancini blinks “I hope the Rangers make it to world series”

at the 1:02 mark, Mancini blinks “Bocephus betrayed me”

If that doesn’t convince you that Shy Love is holding Mike Mancini hostage check this out.

I downloaded the video and loaded it into Adobe premier, ripping the audio, I then played it backwards.

Slowing the audio down I thought I may have heard Mancini say

“dont believe anything im saying, Shy forces me to have sex with her and If I don’t make this video she will hit me with a stick again. Last night, she roofied me and put peanut butter on my balls..I asked her why and she said it was for my own good…When I woke up the peanut butter was gone and so were Shy and my once trusted dog Bocephus. Not only am I being forced to make this video, but Shy has also turned my dog against me..I feel violated, someone help me”

Im calling 911


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Mikees love life
Mikees love life
6 years ago

Missing only is a Orange Jump suit and the cuffs handed to him by his dominatrix toilet mouth Shy Love mimicking Heinrich Himmler in a bunker dodging cops and the IRS. This video was cohered and he was reading a script. He barley could stomach regurgitating his own vomit at this public disservice announcement propaganda rhetoric and discord Shy Love has “gaslighted” his ass really good this time. This highly toxic xxx cross over bandit suspect is acting weird. Maybe that is what Shy got on him, cross over actics proof. There are two boxes to place Mike 1 Highly… Read more »

Mosquitoes Leaving Magic Johnson's House to see Mike soon
Mosquitoes Leaving Magic Johnson's House to see Mike soon
6 years ago

Someone mentioned “Gas Lighting” you would have to consult the new urban dictionary to understand this more in dept topic these days. She been practicing this craft on the weak minded and some not so weak for over a decade now.

Shy must have been in the back ground while not so Iron Mike gave his eulogy, while Shy wears a gas mask to scare him further.
All while holding a very large Shiny Black strap on.
That must have scared the shit out of Mikee like a mosquito leaving magic Johnson house. LOL

Mosquitoes Leaving Magic Johnson's House to see Mike soon
Mosquitoes Leaving Magic Johnson's House to see Mike soon
6 years ago

Mike Mancini is a pornographic man whore who disgraced his entire family by becoming familiar with the male organ, gonads and balls gagging him to where he can barely breath until froth excretes his chops dripping the remnants of his last oral copulation on x over DARK SIDE sets and cheesy motels. Put Mike Mancini on your no list. Be on Que to read much more about finality of this slob. He is the minion of a disgusting pig Sheelagh Blumberg aka Shy Love a public figuer who refuses to accept her age. Shy you are no spring chicken and… Read more »

Shy Love Dumb Whore
Shy Love Dumb Whore
6 years ago - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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