VIP Connect’s Shy Love Hates Thick Girls

Sep 24, 2019
Adult Business
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Not sure what’s more shocking, Shy Love hating on thick girls, or her pretending to not be Shy.  Yea, it’s not really shocking, but all the other blogs are using the word shocking, so why not?

As you can clearly see in these shocking DMs, Shy is body shaming, which is shocking to this award winning blogger.

Shy prefers the meth figure, you know, 80 pounds and missing a few teeth. Shocking to say the least.

Me personally, I prefer the “I don’t snort coke with James Bartholet” look. Like, if I can hide you in my shoe, or you look like you just skipped 11th grade algebra, I can’t do nothing for ya, Shy on the other hand, obviously prefers that. Shocking!!

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Porn myst (MAGA)
4 months ago

Here’s what happened, she posted the photos years ago but she regularly logs in to respond to messages. She intentionally didn’t update her SJ profile with newer pics, after this story came out she updated the photos to reflect her current look. When I pointed this out to you on twitter she blocked me. The vast majority of women on SJ post older/filtered photos hoping to score jobs from naive producers. Models should take new photos every 30 days to avoid this or update their SJ simultaneously as their social media. Not every producer wants skinny women. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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